Military Wedding Cake Toppers

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If you like the green color and you want to show this in your wedding day, then this article is for you. If your favorite color is green, you should  know that I found a lot of good things about the color green so to convince you that your wedding to be green, regardless of what style you choose…

Psychologists say that green inspire peace, relaxation, meditation, balance, contentment, abundance of mental associations of ideas, fantasies, give an impression of freshness and facilitate disconnection intense nervous pain killer is ideal for people more irritable or nervous. Green can help you disconnect from the stress before the wedding and go into another world, literally and figuratively…

Green, a cool but pleasant color considerably ease both physical and psychic. It allows us to balance with the psychic and somatic structure makes possible a rapid decrease in stress and annihilation anxieties. Soldiers and army soldiers representing the military component of a state or an alliance of states, have the role of defending borders. Unlike the police or gendarmes resolve internal conflicts on the territory, soldiers fighting a war against an aggressor from outside the state. So if somehow your future husband is a professional military you can incorporate this thing to create a personalized military wedding cake topper.

For a traditional wedding, with an elegant style, I recommend a shade of pure green, of green grass and of leaves. Choose this shade especially for flower arrangements. You could also suggest bridesmaids (or for a wedding restricted all ladies)to  wear green dresses. The bridal bouquet can be made of white flowers, path, or roses and lilies and many leaves beautiful arranged. Looked at overall, your bouquet will be a green bouquet.

If both you and your groom are eco-friendly persons or maybe you are part of an ecological association, I suggest you a green-eco wedding. To suggest this idea as well at your wedding I recommend you to have as many items made from recycled materials or made by hand. You can use also some ideas for eco gift boxes and wedding invitations.  Also you could try some special confetti made from wild flowers and seeds from dried petals, which once thrown up taking the form of flowers. You may also enjoy some special candles more natural flavor, a scent of jasmine flowers for example. A military wedding cake topper fits also with this wedding theme and your guests will remember it for a long time.

You like nature, walking through the park, mountains, go crazy with friends camping in the mountains? Then you must have a wedding in a rustic style.  When you think of a rustic location for your wedding, think of a cottage, farm or about virtually any location where you can place outdoor wedding or a terrace, or even a wedding tent.

To make everything look more rustic try to get all kinds of wood, iron, with notches or bent, however, things made by hand. You can use sand and pebbles and whatever you go through your head. Be inventive! Call by at pubs like “Subway”, which adopt this style to make you a better idea about how to look the reception at your wedding. You could have some green candles put on each table. Also for your rustic wedding, you may choose to give some as gifts to your invitations, shaped as four-leaf clover. If you do not find them in sotres, you can command them from different sites. From there you can take also the items that you need in case you choose an eco style.11

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