Metallic hues wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | January 15 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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The off the beat modern woman is always looking for everything that is fresh, innovative and unconventional in fashion, style and beauty. When it comes to weddings and wedding dresses the vanguardist woman has the same preferences and tastes that can be easily separated from the vision of a traditional classic bride. Our article is going to support this debate about metallic hues wedding dresses hoping that these images will convince even the most pretentious bride will find these styles remarkable and suitable for a cosmopolitan wedding.

There are two ways that the modern bride can follow in order to find a contemporary wedding dress: the easy way – defined through natural, simple and refined pastel shade wedding dresses, and the hard way – defined through the dramatic bold colored wedding dresses.

Now, choosing the best style always depends on the character of the bride and on the formality of the wedding. For example, if the big event is to be held in a fancy extravagant restaurant, cathedral or castle, then the bride might want to go with a big fluffy elaborated ball gown wedding dress. The contrary, if the bride prefers something more delicate, feminine, refined, soft and light weight then she might want to go with a natural innocent looking wedding dress.

A metallic hue wedding dress can make the best outfit for both these cases, depending on the dress’s design. But if we are to define the exact formality of a metallic wedding dress we would say that it is made especially for unconventional brides who are planning a more dramatic fancy extravagant wedding.

Metallic hues are among the most fashionable colors that are used today in modern wedding dresses. Here are a few examples of metallic hue wedding dresses: silver wedding dresses, bronze wedding dresses, gold wedding dresses, grey wedding dresses, velvet blue or night blue wedding dresses, cobalt blue or steel blue wedding dresses, icy blue or azure blue wedding dresses, signal red or geranium red wedding dresses, golden yellow wedding dresses, mint green or stone green wedding dresses, sahara beige wedding dresses, graphite metallic wedding dresses, telegrey wedding dresses or iron grey wedding dresses.

But among these types of metallic hues wedding dresses we can also list satin wedding dresses or shimmering silk wedding dresses where these two types of materials are shiny, glittering and glamorous looking. For winter time weddings these types of wedding dresses can work wonderfully! But brides who are planning an autumnal wedding or even a hot summer exotic beach wedding can opt for a metallic hue wedding dress as well. You can find these colors used in ball gown wedding dresses, mermaid style wedding dresses or Rock and Roll themed wedding dresses.11

1 Comment

  1. Stera

    March 24, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Well, you didn’t need to convince me about wearing a metallic wedding dress in order to look cosmopolitan. I for one think these types of dresses are one of the most sophisticated and the most modern ones. I would love to wear a golden or a silvery wedding dress, but not the way you have them here. These are quite nice but in my opinion not at all very interesting. The metallic hues are too subtle for my own taste. And the lines here are too traditional, too kind. I would love another type of dress for myself: something really unconventional, very sexy, sensual, extravagant. Unfortunately not one from here, but I liked your article.

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