Maternity empire waist wedding dresses

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When it comes to contemporary brides and wedding dresses everything is possible, nothing is impossible! Not only hourglass silhouette or slim slender brides are ‘allowed” to get married but also full figure brides or even expecting brides! Nowadays the modern bride can play different roles or can have different statuses or statures.
Mature brides, second time brides or pregnant brides are only a few examples in this sense. In this article we’re going to debate the way an expecting bride must look on her wedding day and what dresses are the most suitable for her new body shape.

In general, all maternity wedding dresses are a bit more modest, simple, unsophisticated and quite plain if we can say so. But these are designs that are made and chosen only by pregnant brides who are afraid of trying something too elaborated or extreme.

Nowadays the palette of choices in wedding dresses for pregnant brides is wider and more generous that it ever been before. You just need to be bold and cling on to your personal style and your bridal vision and choose something perhaps sexier or more attractive, juts the way you are and like.

The pregnancy time is definitely one of the most important ones in a woman’s life. So what if you’ve gained a few pounds? Your new silhouette is now a bit fuller but gorgeous, we’re sure.

So why not try to enhance the natural beauty of your new figure and try on something that can really emphasize only your beautiful features and your new glitter in the eyes?

There are many remarkable, unique, adorable and sensual designs that appeared lately in maternity wedding dresses and you should be the first one to take advantage of this fact. We are going to present you here the maternity empire waist wedding dress hopping that this style is going to attract you in anyhow.

The empire style is one of the most suitable ones for pregnant brides as well as for full figure brides or for women with larger stomach areas or with undefined waists. The high waist of the empire wedding dress is there to hide or camouflage completely the stomach area and provide your silhouette with a dream flawless look. You don’t have to worry anymore that your belly is going to overshadow the beauty and the elegance of your wedding dress and of your look.

With a maternity empire waist wedding dress your appearance will be safe and stunning! But even this style can be found in different lines, cuts, textures, fabrics and embroideries. That is why we said in the first paragraph that perhaps a too simple and plain wedding dress might not manage to highlight the new natural beauty of the pregnant bride.

If you are willing to dress up more attractive and eye-catching, you can look for those Greek style wedding dresses with one shoulder or spaghetti strap necklines, for those pleated chiffon empire waist wedding dresses or for those tea length, with polka dot patterns, with cap sleeves sweetheart necks or with sensual off the shoulders straps.11

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