Masquerade Ball Wedding Invitations

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In the recent years and because some wedding have been planned with months in advance, the ‘save the date’ invitations cards were sent out to remind your guests that an important event will take place in the near future; these cards don’t replace the formal wedding invitations because they do not contain similar information details. You can also use these ‘save the dates’ to add the RSVP or simply request an attendance response to be given by a certain mentioned date.

The RSVP can also be included on the invitations cards or on a separate card with a return address but the important thing it to send the wedding invitations on time so that you can receive the attendance replies with minimum six weeks before the actual wedding day and for your guests to have time of preparing for this celebration. In some cases the final arrangement depend only on the non-attendance responses so the RSVP can be replaced with the simple expression of “Regrets only” and a phone number for immediate contact.

The RSVP is considered highly important for the planning of the weddings and usually the wording etiquette demands requesting this attendance response by using the formal wording style but it happens that the informal language or non-traditional wording style is also as popular as the traditional one.

The fact is that, no matter the design of the wedding invitations, being it either carnival or masquerade ball themed, or the addressing style, the invitations for the wedding have to contain basic details about the wedding reception and ceremony such as the name of the bride and groom, sometimes the name of the wedding hosts, the location, time and date, etc.

The history of the wedding invitations seems like an interesting one but we now live in an era where looks do matter so it is not unusual to find all sort of outrageous designs for the wedding invitations available for sale, especially in specialized stores or on the internet sites of different online manufactures, in various shapes and sizes, not to mention the outstanding color combinations and themed patterns.

This is one reason why you won’t find it to difficult in matching the themed of the wedding with the design of the invitations; for example you can find numerous masquerade ball wedding invitations design styles which can perfectly match with your carnival themed wedding party.

The invitations are to be mailed out with a period of minimum six weeks before the actual planned day of the wedding, especially when you are expecting the attendance replies, vital for the final arrangements of the wedding. The parents of the bride are, in general, responsible with the planning because they pay for the wedding so they act as the wedding hosts but in these modern days it became a common trend for the bride and groom to pay for their own wedding, sometimes accepting a small financial help from their parents.

The humankind made big progressions in the field related to this highly social important event such as the wedding day in the beginning of the twentieth century; the couriers were no longer used in mailing out the invitations, at long distances, as they were used in the eighteenth century by the European aristocracies because we had the newly invented postal services;

the hand written text with an intricate calligraphy style was simply replaced by the cheap printing technique known as thermography with its beautiful raised letter effect; the classical wedding ceremonies and parties were personalized by using different selected themes, from the funny ones to the most outrageous ones, for example the masquerade balls or carnival themed wedding parties.

Thermography not only is cheap and allowed the mass production of wedding invitations but also perfectly replaced the now expensive method of using intricate hand calligraphy styles, to share the wedding information, with the interesting pattern or letter effect. We have come a long way since the Middle Ages when the town crier issued out loud the inviting to a wedding ceremony, a method mostly used by the members of the lower classes.

These invitations can be sealed in their matched masquerade ball envelopes for the wedding invitations but as an advice, try to read the written information once more, with fresh eyes, to spot the wrong addressing forms or other minor spelling mistakes or errors about the wedding ceremony or reception information.11

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