Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

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Containers can truly make a difference. That is why you have to use the right ones when deciding on the overall look of your centerpieces. Mason jars are a great choice for a garden theme or a rustic theme. You can add wildflowers in them or sunflowers. They can be plastic or real, the guests won’t even be able to tell the difference if you know what you are doing. You can find bigger sized jars or smaller ones. It depends what you wish to add in them. Flowers are not the only decorations you can use in these containers. Twigs can also be added, but make sure they are a smaller size. Also make sure to secure them by adding marbles or beads at the bottom of the jars.

Add the branches and if you want more color to these centerpieces, paper flowers are the perfect touch. You can also hang strings of colored beads in them or even lights. Just make sure there isn’t too much weight on them. You can also add simple pearls in these jars and then place a candle on top. This is a great look for a garden theme. Flower blooms or a candle resembling a flower will also work. These candles can be tea light ones or you can opt for really scented candles. Candy is another thing you can consider adding in the jars. The more colorful the candies are, the more eye catching your centerpiece will be.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Lawrys the Prime Rib)

For a Christmas wedding concept, opt for candy that looks like small globes and reindeer. You can find such shapes in candy stores which can make almost any figurines and shape you can think of. Add candy canes or lollipops and create centerpieces made out of candy bouquets. These jars are the perfect containers for this look. You can also add candy for the rustic theme if you and your groom have a sweet tooth. These lollipops can be shaped as cowboy hats or horseshoes. Think of “redneck” symbols like these and include them in the centerpieces. Mason jars are not pricey and lots of great looks can be achieved with them.


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