Who Married Who Lately?

Celebrity Weddings | April 14 2014 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When two different people come together to tie knot for a lifetime this is indeed something special to consider and celebrate in a unique manner. Two most fashionable celebrities could come together and being so much in love could make it even more special for them . The wedding should highlight the place they were heading after the wedding. The whole focus is usually on the Malibu home where many celebrities decide to celebrate the big vows to stick together for a life time.

Yes it all sounds so dreamy and magical. Weddings are supposed to be like this. Famous couples set a very sweet example of lovers turning husband & wife for life. The photographs taken are usually circulated to the near and dear and the captured moments are amazingly described inĀ  wordless pictures. The images capture the happy faces of the bride and groom along with all their family and friends who were there to bless them for the upcoming changes which will take place after such a big fat wedding!

Who Married Who Lately?

The shining face of the bride made the all handsome groom to blush to the core on the wedding day. The best part about this wedding was the bride’s dress which took away everyone’s attention on the aisle with all the blossoming flowers surrounding both of them when they accepted each other as husband and wife. As expected the food is very relishing for everyone who is invited. The most memorable part is the throwing of the flowers by the bride which every other single girl presents there for a similar kind of wedding.

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