Marine Wedding Invitations

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Beach weddings are extremely popular. Couples of all ages, interests and budgets are choosing the seaside for their wedding. There is no better location for a fresh, fun and exotic wedding than the beach. And the best thing of all is that it doesn’t even matter if your wedding will take place on a local beach or somewhere abroad! The seaside venue is a very beautiful selection for a wedding, no matter the region. It depends on your budget and how eccentric you wish to go.

Those who are having an Oceanside wedding can take into consideration the nautical themes for the décor and their outfits. The marine life is another great and rich source of inspiration for a beach wedding. When it comes to beach wedding invitations, the marine theme is for certain one of the most recommended one. You can adopt the DIY style and go for an original style. Handmade of homemade marine wedding invitations can save you a lot of cash and also offer you a great satisfaction for the simple fact that they carry your mark.

Marine Wedding Invitations (Source:

Marine Wedding Invitations (Source:

Your invitations should be beautiful and expressive. They will set the tone of the wedding and inform your guests about the uniqueness and formality of the event you’re planning. It’s always advisable to choose a model that can be easy to read into and understand by people of all ages. Marine invitations can be fun and natural, luxuriant and sophisticated, vibrant or plain, exotic or seasonal, rustic or glam, etc. And the list of styles can continue!

Marine Wedding Invitations (Source:

Marine Wedding Invitations (Source:

Giving the fact that beach weddings are more intimate and simple, you can invest more in the design of your invitations. These types of affairs are smaller than traditional weddings and this is why the couple has the opportunity of going more personalized. There are many ways in which you can make a wedding invitation suite look like the beach. You can get inspired from a Hawaiian theme or from a luxuriant landscape. You can focus on marine life and use a seashell or starfish motif.

Corals, parasols, palm trees and sunglasses, these are a few of other unique theme choices for a beach wedding invitation suite. If you’re getting married overseas, you can get inspired from the history and culture of your dream destination locale. Make the specific of the place part of your wedding invites. The paper and the colors should fit the formality and atmosphere of the wedding. White and ecru are for traditional wedding. Use heavy paper if you’re following this style. For something more modern you can use bright exotic colors and silly fonts. You can find fun clipart images on the Internet or special drawings and photos you can get inspired from for your beach invites.


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