Lutheran Wedding Songs

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If you are one of those couples growing up in the Protestant Christian denomination, you will probably choose to have a Lutheran wedding ceremony. Lutheranism is a denomination of Christianity, but there are some branches of the Lutheran church that share big disagreements and differences.

Due to these disagreements, the service and the stages of the wedding ceremony may differ, but it’s for sure that they all agree on one thing: the wedding is most of all a worship service. Lutheran services praise God and honor the marital union. Lutheran wedding ceremonies usually start with a prelude.

During the prelude, are played Lutheran hymns on different musical instruments. After the prelude comes the wedding processional. But this is not a cliché. The order of service may vary from church to church.

Lutheran priests are called pastors. After the wedding processional, the pastor blesses the bridal party and guests to the worship service. Often, it is included here an opening prayer, appropriate for the wedding ceremony. Lutheran weddings also include scripture readings which are wedding Bible verses that tell about God’s view of marriage. The scripture verses might include: John 2: 1-10, depicting the wedding at Cana, Song of Solomon 8:7, speaking about unquenchable love, Colossians 3:12-17, about living in love and thanksgiving or Matthew 19: 4-6, which speaks about marriage faithfulness.

As for the vows, they are usually those from the worship book in the order of marriage service. If couples wish to write their own original wedding vows it’s recommended for them to talk in advance with their pastor to find out if he will allow that. In some churches, after the pronunciation of marriage, the couple is invited to seal their union with a kiss.

Music is an integral part of any Lutheran wedding. Lutheran churches usually have a list of recommended Christian wedding songs for couples to play. The use of non-Christian songs during the wedding service is often discouraged. Lutheran songs are about worshiping God and Jesus. Here are some recommended Lutheran hymns:

Come Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace by C. Coffin

God beyond glory, gracious and holy by JL Bell

Gracious heavenly Father by AER Brauer

As Man and Woman We Were Made by BA Wren

Hear us now, our God and Father by HN Huxhold

I to the hills will lift my eyes- Scottish Psalter

Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus by JP Spitta

Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us by J. Edmeston

Lord Jesus who didst consecrate by B. Boyce

Lord Who at Cana’s Wedding Feast by A. Thrupp

Love Divine All Lovers Excelling

May we be one by R. Mann

Morning has broken by E. Farjeon

O Perfect Love, all human thought transcending Our Father, by whose name by FB Tucker

Our God be gracious unto us by PC Blake

Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the King of creation by J. Neander

Take thou my hand and lead me by J Haussmann

The Lord blesses you and keeps you – Aaronic Blessing

The Lord’s my shepherd I’ll not want – Scottish Psalter

The King of love my shepherd is by W Baker

The voice that breathed over Eden

When love is found and hope comes home by BA Wren

When the light of first creation by SF Ludgater

Where’er I go, whate’er my task by P. Fleming

Your love, O God has called us here by Schulz11

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