Love Songs To Sing At A Wedding

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Love is a feeling that gave birth to the most colored palette of feelings that a state of mind and spirit can have. Man is to be known to have loved since ancient times as the lyrics of ancient poems prove. Back then the poetry was sung, no separation between lyrics and melody existed and though these lyrics are thousands of years old, they still look so up to date. Pieces of papyrus discovered in the Egyptian tombs tell about how ancient love songs are; the verses of these poems use the same sentiments that fill today’s pop songs.

At a far distance look the songs found on some clay tablets written in the cuneiform script of Summer seem to be praises of the Sumerian gods, but at a closer look one may find that the religious background is slightly approached. The lyrics reveal the very real emotions of lovers, their sensual pleasure and romantic dates. The technique of repeated lines – that we call today the “hook” that catches the listener’s attention – was also found in the structure of these ancient poems.

love-songs-to-sing-at-a-weddingThe most popular and eloquent example is the Hebrew “Song of songs” which was the subject of a real controversy on the topic that cuts through the displaying of the lyrics. They depict love, passion, and ardent feelings toward the beloved one, but the religious figures say that it can’t be simply about the love between two human beings as long as this song appears mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. It must be about the love one has to feel for God, although the scenes of love are so physically described that is impossible to render the love between a person and the remote celestial figure of God.

It is with the coming of troubadours that our love ballads were born. We can say that they are the ancestors of the love songs we listen today in a celebration of love, passion and desire. The centuries to come shaped these love songs with more and more harmony due to the refined instruments although the lyrics is basically the same. Because humankind loved and still loves with the same passionate nature, the desire is felt with the same ardent impulse, these feelings are as old as we, the humans, are.

Weddings are perfect occasions to unfold the love depicted in songs enabling the wedding couple’s love to overflow the space that host the ceremony. A top of the first 5 love songs to sing at a wedding comprises: “Everything I do (I do it for you)” – Brian Adams; “Tonight I celebrate my love” – Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flach; “My heart will go on” – Celine Dion; “Light up my life” – Debby Boone; “I will always love you” – Whitney Houston.

Love, maybe the most circulated feeling of all the other feelings that exist in the repertoire of human feelings, inspire the song writers, the poets, the art, it guides people minds and souls and enlightens our spirit. The message that a love ballad transmits is related to affection, to soothe pain and solitude. That is the reason why couples have from the very beginning of their wedding planning a top of the most favorite love songs to sing at a wedding. And we can not but totally agree with them.11

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