Lost Bet Wear Lipstick

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Since the beginnings of its history, lipstick has been associated with women and effeminacy. This hasn’t changed a bit and this is why those men who wish to become women are wearing lipstick: they are trying to enhance their feminine side. For women it is also very natural the idea that they are wearing lipstick to look more appealing, to look more feminine because this is what society wants from them. You should know that I am not saying that without lipstick you can’t look feminine. This is just some stupid social conventions. Anyway this is not the topic of my article, lost bet wear lipstick is. I am sure that you have heard about bets made and the one that lost had to wear lipstick. Usually young boys or men make such bets because at their age they wish to show off their masculinity and wearing lipstick seems to be a good punishment for them. Later they realize that somebody doesn’t become less if he has to wear lipstick, but while they are young they still care about such things. Most of the times these bets include sports: they have to achieve some performance or they are watching some sports event and they are betting for or against their favorite team. Usually they agree about the punishment before they make the bets and applying lipstick seems to be a suitable one.
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Other times it is a challenge or a dare that they must accomplish in order to escape the punishment. Those who are not able to do it must wear lipstick. As far as I know the most common color for these punishments is red because people say that there is nothing more feminine than red lipstick. Although it might sound a little harsh, nobody ever died of wearing lipstick, so it is not the end of the world. I even heard about poker games that had as a stake the wearing of lipstick, so the one that lost had to wear it. Naturally in these cases there are a lot of photos made and even after years the friends tease the one that had to wear the lipstick. If they are mean the whole school might find out about it, or the colleagues.

Women might be punished with lipstick as well. I have heard about bets that said that the girl who lost the bet had to wear some hideous lipstick for a day everywhere she went. Usually the whole school saw it and so she has lost her status, but the truth is that people realized later that it’s not such a big deal after all.

I suppose you have had some experience with lost bet wear lipstick or you have heard stories related to it as well, maybe even more interesting ones than the ones that I have written about, so I don’t think that I was able to tell you anything new and just so you know, I didn’t write this article to give you some mean ideas.11

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