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Colored wedding rings are gaining more and more in popularity with every wedding season that goes by, with every new style of gemstone wedding ring or fancy colored wedding ring that appears on the market. The industry of wedding rings had changed a lot with the newest designs of antique inspired wedding rings set with all kinds of colored gemstones that are able to take the ring to that fashionable, refined, flirty and elegant level of the old style.

When it comes to wedding rings and the pink color things are quite clear: they work together hand in hand. We are happy to present you here a type of wedding ring that can flatter even the most “insensible” bride: the rose gold pink tourmaline wedding ring.

Both the rose gold metal and the pink tourmaline gemstone combine together in a very unique and fascinating way that can help the bride to make a statement on the day and to differentiate from the rest of the brides who are wearing diamond wedding rings. The pink tourmaline gem is a natural stone that can be found all over the world, especially in mines of Brazil, Siberia, Africa or Australia. Other shades of tourmaline can be found naturally in mines of United States like in California or Texas. The tourmaline stone is accepted as the birthstone of the October month and it is also used as a symbolic gem for the 8th wedding anniversary.

This type of stone has different magical or mystical properties that refer to marriage like balance, fidelity, refinement, sweetness, spiritual love or devotion. Other nuances that the tourmaline stone comes in are blue, green, brown, orange, blue or yellow. The palette of colors is quite ample as you can see, so if you’re not necessarily attracted to the pink tourmaline stone you can choose form these colors.

We don’t advise you to opt for a colorless tourmaline stone for your wedding ring because, ironically, it is considered the less veritable and valuable type of stone. A pink tourmaline rose gold wedding ring can really make a fabulous alternative to a diamond wedding ring and also a very affordable alternative.

This type of stone is less expensive than diamonds so economical couples might consider it as a greater deal. You can find it set in other types of popular metals as platinum, white fold or silver too. The most common or traditional shapes that are usually used for the tourmaline stone are: princess cut, emerald or cushion cut.

Solitaire rose gold pink tourmaline wedding rings are the most popular. For a fantastic wedding in Los Angeles – perhaps on a sandy exotic beach this type of ring can make a perfect pick.11

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