Lilac Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Decorations | February 13 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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For those of you who are interested in changing the path a little bit and opt for something more attractive, unusual and truly fabulous in matters of wedding flowers, a purple lisianthus wedding bouquet might be exactly what you’re looking for.
The lisianthus wedding flower is definitely a very inspired alternative to traditional classy roses wedding flowers that are now considered a bit old fashioned. Lisianthus resemble roses in a very high way, and they make a personal choice for brides who have a fling with this particular charming type of flower.

One can fin lisianthus flowers for the wedding in various exotic shades of pink, hot pink, pale pink, blush, cream, white, orange, ruby rose, lilac, green, yellow, orange, blue or purple. Lilac wedding bouquets as well as purple wedding bouquets make a great deal for contemporary weddings.

Depending on what color scheme, theme, location, season and formality you’ve chosen for your wedding you can choose from this myriad of colors the one that can suit best with your wedding affairs and with your bridal looks too. If you decide to incorporate this splendid flower in your bridal bouquet you must gently match the color of the lisianthus with your wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses and bouquets. In this article we would like to talk to you about purple lisianthus wedding flowers.

The purple color is gaining more and more popularity now that most modern brides are more inspired in choosing their color schemes for the wedding. The classical white weddings as still in trend, but colored affairs are even more fashionable and appreciated today.

Purple is a sensual sleek color that gathers a vast range of symbolic meanings. Among them the most representative to a wedding day are: spirituality, femininity, refinement, fidelity, innocence, royalty, wealth, mystery, prosperity, devotement, delicacy, majesty, inspiration, magic, charm, creativity, class, attractiveness, desire and seduction. One can find purple lisianthus wedding flowers in various shades of lilac, violet, mauve, lavender dark blue, burgundy or dark pinkish.

If your wedding is to be held during the summer, a lilac lisianthus wedding bouquet might seem like the most inspired choice that you could ever make. You can combine the purple lisianthus with green hydrangeas, pink blush or pale pink roses, pink-lilac peonies, coral orchids, antique pink ranunculus, pink hibiscus or pink plumerias for a more textured, eye-catchy, spectacular and rich look.

If the event is meant to host a more natural décor and style, you should opt for a hand tied nosegay lush purple lisianthus wedding bouquet. You can also choose a more dramatic cascading purple lisianthus wedding bouquet suitable for a more formal and imposing showy wedding or bridal look.

It’s true that compared to other types of flowers the lisianthus is a bit more pricey because of its spicy exotic touch, but in order to keep the pace with the latest tendencies in weddings and wedding flowers you can make an effort for this type of bouquet, by simply renouncing at other wedding item that is not so important as wedding flowers are.11

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