Las Vegas Wedding Favors

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Las Vegas weddings should always be full of energy and unique style. Because many people decide to have their weddings in this city, your wedding should be made in such a way to actually be unique and different from all the others.
Different Las Vegas wedding favors can help you do so. In fact, giving wedding favors seems to be a very old habit that many people share. However, it is a practice in the United States and Canada and depending on the event, they can be very diverse, but they are definitely an important part of the wedding reception planning.

Las Vegas wedding favors are also popular at a ceremony or reception and they should be of course, adapted to the event and its main theme. In Las Vegas you can find many wedding favors stores and very beautiful items to buy. You should check for example

As you will see, the prices here are kind of low, so you will definitely afford buying some items from here. The “Perfectly Suited” Personalized Playing Cards in Travel Case can be a choice for you. The price for this favors vary depending on the number of products you are going to order, but they will not cost more than $ 2.25 each.

Besides cards, dices are considered to be an important element of the decorations used at a Las Vegas themed wedding. So, these models of Las Vegas wedding favors are also very popular. You can order the Vegas-themed Dice Candle and you will pay about 1.70 dollars for each, but if you ask for more than 95 candles, the price will be only 1.45 dollars. They are perfectly scented and they are gifts that can be actually very useful for your guests. And because they have quite a fashionable look, they can be used as decoration.

The same dices main theme is also conserved in the “Lucky in Love” Dice Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon and Heart Charm. The cost much more and you can pay up to $ 18.90 for one item, but they will definitely be very appreciated by your guests. According to the vendors, these wedding favors show that you have gambled on love and of course, you have won. The fact that love is there present is a certain thing. However, if you just do not want to pay that much on the wedding favors, you can decide for something really sweet….

Chocolate Casino Chips. The price is only 1.10 dollars and who does not love chocolate? Anyway, if they are your choice, make sure that you have read an understood the shipping conditions, because always when it comes to aliments, there are special terms.11

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  1. Malley

    January 27, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Lucky in Love! I love this idea. I love the saying. I think this is what I am going to use for my wedding favors. I am planning a wedding themed Las Vegas and I need the favors to match the theme. And I so much want this to happen that I think I lost sight of what the wedding is about. And your article pointed this out: it’s about love. So… lucky in love, printed on the favors I am going to buy for the guests. About the favors… Neither dice nor cards really suit me. Not even candles. I might look for some ideas, but thank you for this here.

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