Jasmine Spring Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 06 2019 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

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We are back with more romantic and fresh haute couture wedding dresses promoted by Jasmine Couture in their 2011 spring bridal collection hopefully these gorgeous pieces we’re presenting here to be just as inspiring and attractive for you as the other ones we’ve posted in our previous articles.


We are irretrievable fans of the charming and exquisite Jasmine bridal style and we are always happy when new models and designs signed by this couturier appear on the market. These super Jasmine Spring wedding dresses we’re presenting here are dedicated to modern brides of today who are interested in wearing something more fashionable, chic and ample on their wedding day.


However, we must admit that these gowns here are more than fashionable, elegant and romantic. They are absolutely divine and ultra feminine, glamorous and attractive due to the light-weight fabrics, refined textures and lavish diaphanous skirts thought by this designer!


We are convinced that many of you will fall in love with these enchanting Jasmine Spring wedding dresses immediately and find these pieces among the most beautiful, unique and breath-taking apparitions they’ve seen by now in a designer’s collections.


This company is active since 1985 and ever since it had produced lots of successful and delightful bridal gowns for the contemporary brides who always wanted to wear something more natural, delicate and innocent on their wedding day.


This is actually one of the most attractive, flattering and impressive things about these unique haute couture wedding dresses: the potential of providing the bride with such a natural, pure, feminine, innocent and graceful look!


Not all designers today manage to create such impeccable and attractive wedding dresses that can still feel comfortable and look virtuous and chaste! In this collection you can find lots of ball gown and lavish A-line silhouettes, as well as ravishing form-fitted mermaid cut and elegantly delicate sheath styles.


We love the one shoulder strap designs made for the majority of these dresses, where this neckline cut is meant to add even more exquisiteness, extravaganza, elegance and sensuality to the overall appearance of these gowns.


One can wear one of these mesmerizing Jasmine Spring wedding dresses on a nature inspired outdoors wedding, as well as on a more elegant, fancy and high class indoors reception. We invite you browse for the other articles that we have on Jasmine wedding dresses on our website in order to see more irresistible and heart-melting designs and styles!11


  1. norma

    March 16, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    These dresses are especially created for those mature, elegant, refined and confident brides who can have anything they want because they are strong enough to get it. I like them so much and I like that they have such a low back cut. It is what I wanted for my wedding dress as well because I think it’s a suitable wedding dress for a summer day. Of course that I couldn’t imagine wearing these dresses but in a very nice place, something very special, something very elegant and sophisticated. And since I am having a colored themed wedding and the color I chose is gold, the dress that stroke me as THE DRESS right from the start is the …. one with the golden sash. It’s just such a lovely dress!

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