Ivory wedding bouquets New York

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Are you planning a classy refined wedding? Or perhaps an antique inspired wedding and you haven’t found yet the right color for your bridal bouquet?

Well, we’ve found it for you: ivory! It seems that more and more pastel natural soft shades are visible in modern sleek and select weddings today. Besides ivory, brides are seen wearing champagne wedding bouquets, cream, beige, eggplant, ecru or peach wedding bouquets. There is something antique and totally classical romantic about the ivory shade that most brides seem to appreciate it.

The elegance, the refinement, the softness and gracefulness of ivory are the main qualities that manage to determine a contemporary bride to choose for their wedding day. We can see ivory incorporated in wedding dresses, in wedding cakes and in wedding décor arrangements.

For a New York select dainty kind of wedding the ivory wedding bouquet can make a stunningly beautiful selection. But not only for brides who are planning a wedding in a New York location this type of bouquet or color can work out wonderfully because it is feminine, chic, elegant, smooth and natural. In general, ivory is the color of the white skin toned bride who doesn’t want to look even paler or too faded on the day.

The ivory color is usually regarded as a better alternative for brides who don’t look quite “healthy” in crystal clear white wedding gowns or in all white wedding decors. Depending on the fabric or tone, ivory can be closer to a pale pink, beige, silver or gray hue. When it comes to ivory wedding bouquets and ivory colored wedding flowers, brides have many options or sufficient to choose wisely.

You can find the most common types of wedding flowers that come in natural ivory hues, like roses, tulips, carnations, gerbera daises, peonies, amaryllis, gardenias, calla lilies, freesias, gladiolas, anemones, orchids, chrysanthemums, asters or dahlias.

As you can see, the palette of choices is generous with any preference. If you don’t want to wear a fully ivory wedding bouquet, perhaps you can mix the ivory shade with something more contrasting or complementary, for a more dramatic or a textured look. If you’ve chosen an antique theme for your wedding, combine ivory with pale pink, purple, chocolate brown, peach or pale blue.

If your wedding is going to be more cheerful but still coquette, chic and elegant, mix ivory with red, yellow, lime green or bright orange. The style of the ivory wedding bouquet arrangement can also influence the final look of the bouquet.

Keep it simple, discreet, subtle and natural with a hand tied loose nosegay or posy style ivory wedding bouquet or explore more with a practical playful pomander ivory wedding bouquet or with a more formal and elegant arm sheaf ivory wedding bouquet.11

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