Irish Wedding Reception Ideas

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When it comes to wedding styles, themes and locations, it’s not important who you are and where you’re from these days. Chinese brides and grooms can wed in Hawaii, and European couples can tie the knot in an Irish country or style. It’s surprising to see that more and more brides and grooms of today decide to get married in a different region or in a totally different tradition. This means that they are willing to embrace the new and dare trying something different for their big day.

You can be a little bit Irish or not to plan an Irish based wedding. We know many people who have a special thing for Irish wedding traditions and customs and this is why they decide to follow this route. Hosting an ethnic or cultural themed wedding is definitely a more exciting thing for a modern couple. There are many reasons to accept the idea of planning an Irish wedding. Perhaps you are original from Ireland or perhaps you are not satisfied with the traditions in your own culture. You can be sure that an Irish themed wedding is something memorable and special for you and your guests as well. Irish weddings offer a wide range of traditions. Some of them are ancient, others are classic. You should be aware of the fact that Irish weddings are very different from American traditional nuptials.

Irish Wedding Reception Ideas

Irish Wedding Reception Ideas (Photo by: Kevin McManus)

There are a few popular costumes or rites that you guys can consider when planning an Irish or Celtic wedding. The bride will surely like to discover that her dress can be blue. This is the traditional color of Irish bridal wear. Nevertheless, many modern Irish brides choose to get married in white. Blue was the color of Irish weddings and it signified purity in decades past. Colored wedding gowns are always more eye-catchy and unique. So, if you like the idea of dressing in a different gown, consider a blue or other colored dress for a bonny look. Brides of Ireland are also used to wear old shoes at their wedding. This theme allows you to wear comfy slippers!

The rings in Irish wedding ceremonies are special. Green is the color of engagement rings exchanged by Irish brides and grooms. You too can opt for an emerald gemstone wedding ring. The emerald green hue symbolizes the color of Oreland. Claddagh rings are the most popular. They are highly meaningful to the couple as they symbolize love, friendship and fidelity. For the décor you can use shamrocks – which are the national flowers of this state. Shamrock wedding centerpieces are deeply symbolic as they represent the Holy Trinity. It’s customary for the Irish bride to carry a white Bible instead of a flower bouquet at the ceremony!


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