Inviting The Bridesmaids Parents?

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One of the most difficult jobs when planning your wedding is deciding whom to invite. Apart from the obvious choices, meaning the family members, dearest friends and closest colleagues, most young couples do not know what other people are entitled to be at the wedding. For instance, one of the most common concerns is that whether the bridesmaids’ parents should be invited or not? According to the wedding etiquette, it is not customary for the bridesmaid’s family to be there on the wedding day but the final decision belongs to the bride and groom. However, there are certain aspects that need to be considered. In some situations, the bridesmaids’ parents should be invited to the wedding.

Type of relationship

In case your bridesmaids are family members like a niece or a cousin their parents will certainly be at the wedding because they are part of your family. Also, if one of your bridesmaids is your groom’s cousin, her parents will also be invited. On the other hand, if your bridesmaids are not related to you, the decision is entirely up to you. Depending on the relationship you have had with your bridesmaids and their parents you can decide to invite them or not. For instance, if your bridesmaid is a dearest friend from childhood and you are fond of her parents you can ask them to be guest at your wedding. Even though they won’t be able to attend they will definitely appreciate the invitation. If you ask one of your work colleagues to be a bridesmaid and you do not know her parent there is no need to invite them.

Inviting The Bridesmaids Parents? (Source:

Inviting The Bridesmaids Parents? (Source:

Type of wedding

If you want to organize a large wedding with lots of guests you could also invite your bridesmaids‘parents. Still, if you have never met them or didn’t have a good relationship it would not be appropriate to send them an invitation without asking for your bridesmaids’ opinion and advice.  In case a part of your bridesmaids are related to you or your future husband and you have invited their parents, you could ask the other bridesmaids parents to come as well.

Inviting The Bridesmaids Parents? (Source:

Inviting The Bridesmaids Parents? (Source:

As previously stated, there is no rule that forces you to ask your bridesmaids’ family to come to your wedding. However, if you do not want them to feel left out you could invite them to the church and thank them for being there with you on the most important day of your life.


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