Individual Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes have gained in time lots and lots of representations, due to either the historical times they have emerged with their meanings and superstitions as well or the directions they took in times of defining trends or novelties in the culinary art. If we consider that in the ancient times the wedding cake was merely a dry pastry that was actually broken in pieces on top of the bride’s head to bring her luck and prosperity it is hard to compare what is it now on the wedding cakes market with what was back then.

A richness of wedding cakes has emerged lately in the bakeries not to mention the big number of bakers advertising on the internet on their products attaching the pictures of the wedding cakes, one more appetizing than the other. Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of decorations that cast the work of the bakers into the colorful field of creativity, imagination, hence originality of their art.  Primarily all this variety of wedding cakes, be it attributed to decoration or shape, emerged thanks to couples that needed to turn the moment of bringing in their wedding cake into the special sensation of the wedding reception. This desire put the imagination of the bakers at work, and lately other entrepreneurs have taken the task to create their own style in making a wedding cake different than another.

individual-wedding-cakesIn this respect appeared on the websites, bakers that invented the individual wedding cakes as a mark of their brand that gave the traditional wedding cake an alternative that worth taking into account. Old bakeries started to affiliate to this new concept and together with their imagination and experience managed to obtain recipes that they now share with internet users in an attempt to make their art popular and easy to approach.

For individual wedding cakes the concept started from the idea to eliminate the old custom of slicing the 2,3 tiered wedding cake and let the guests help themselves with the individual portions that make up the whole of the cake. The visual effect of this individual cake is rendered by the height of the disposal of the tiny portions and the width as well, since the number of cupcakes can be high enough to allow the arrangement to spread all over its stand. Another advantage of this individual wedding cake is given by the fact that it can contain portions that correspond exactly with the number of guests, in this way a wedding couple wouldn’t worry that the cake wasn’t enough for everybody.

Thus the individual wedding cake is given different shapes, such as millefeuille cups, or hand-made chocolate cups, each of them having in its turn different flavors and texture, the bakers even offer the option according to which couples can order a special flavor that suits better to their tastes or their guests tastes in case they are expressed in a way or another. Individual iced mini cakes around 3″ in diameter are large enough to enable 2 guests to share it,  the fillings can also differ in flavor, composition and color adding a plus of savor to the individual wedding cake.

The arrangements of these cupcakes are also subject to bakers’ creativity, enriching the aspects of the cupcakes with various motifs, decorative items in order to confer the wedding cake that note of uniqueness in style.11

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