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Have you ever thought what Indians do on their wedding night? We have always been curious about what happens in other cultures and what are the rituals that occur on a wedding day, this is why we have taken the decision of writing this article about Indian wedding nights.

Due to the diversity of the Indian culture, rituals and ceremonies differ from a community to another, sometimes in the interior of the same community. India is known as a country with more than 1 billion people; you can imagine that these people have various religions. Some are Buddhists, others are Christians, some are Muslims, others are Hindus and so on. Weirdly or not, most of these religions say that an Indian wedding should take place during several days. At the beginning of an Indian wedding, usually on the first day, there is a tilak ceremony (which refers more to the groom, which is anointed on his forehead), and also a ceremony that regards the bride (this could take place the next day). The bride is enhanced by some henna paint on her hands and feet; the operation of applying henna on her body is accompanied by musicians and dancers. Many other pre-wedding ceremony activities take place as well, but they differ from religion to religion.

Indian Wedding Night Video (Source:

Indian Wedding Night Video (Source:

The wedding party, because Indians do party as well, takes place in the groom's house, if he has a house where to welcome his guests. If he doesn't have a place of his own, his parents will hold the wedding reception. It is rather unusual to see Indians partying at a restaurant, but not impossible, taking into consideration the huge influence the United States of America and the Western Europe have on India.

The wedding night is characterized by specific dances and other rituals, like handling gifts and money. In the past, the bride's parents used to offer a dowry to the newly formed family, but this tradition was prohibited in 1961, since this type of gift received a lot of criticism. The dowry was a financial gift offered by the bride's parents to her and her husband. This used to contrast the bride price, who was paid by the groom to the bride's parents.

Indian Wedding Night Video (Source:

Indian Wedding Night Video (Source:

There is no tradition in India according to which the couple should film on tape their wedding, but modern Indian couples do choose to have a videographer on their wedding. However, this will not be transformed into a wedding tradition, or at least not by those who respect more the traditional Indian rituals than the Western habits.


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