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Wedding Dresses | June 03 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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Brides who always wanted to wear an elegant couture wedding dress has the chance to fulfill her dream with these fascinating and charming creations made by Illi Tulle for 2010 bridal collection. These pieces are surely adorable, enchanting, unique and playful! Besides the fact that the lines and the cuts are so asymmetrical, courageous and unpredictable or unconventional, the light weight fabrics and the delicate soft clean lines make these attires truly charming and approachable! In the pictures below you will get the chance to see a few samples of a recent collection signed by Illi Tulle, made especially for contemporary brides who are looking for a delicate romantic and stylish silhouette for the big day.

The tulle fabric is back in the game, used with more care and attention than ever before. Perhaps it’s time for you to change your preconceived notions about how tulle is old fashion or only used in traditional classic wedding gowns. This is the primary purpose of most fashion designers of today who are creating fabulous modern tulle wedding dresses: updating this fabric and use it in various ways and patterns in order to fit more properly the new rigorous expectations of contemporary brides. We are sure that these images with Illi Tulle wedding dresses will eventually convince you that tulle surely looks attractive, feminine, eye-catchy and stylish when used cleverly.

Unfortunately, most brides envision all kids of elaborated and fully heavy ball gown wedding dresses when they think of tulle. They should get familiar with the newest designs and styles available for modern brides and refined playful silhouettes. We are happy to see more and more ruffled wedding dresses made with tulle layers, tiers ands frills. They make the perfect pick for vintage brides, hippie brides or bohemian brides. Flounce wedding dresses are surely among the most sought-after types of casual modern chic dresses purchased by nonchalant brides. Ruches, pleats and drapes are also part of a general trend or modern tendency when it comes to elegant and feminine form-fitting wedding dresses.

Flourish patterns, flower appliqués and floral prints and embroideries are other examples of beautiful features that we get to meet in Illi Tulle’s wedding dresses. Corsets are brought back in trend, while off the shoulders necklines with asymmetrical ruched patterns make the most sensual, sexy and popular styles available in almost all couture bridal collections signed by famous wedding dress designers. You can opt for one of these dresses if your wedding is to be held outdoors, in a more elegant and chic natural location, or indoors in a formal dramatic local. They make the perfect fit for both formal and casual modern brides who want to look different, stylish and remarkable on the day.11

1 Comment

  1. adira

    January 20, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I like that you used the term ‘playful’ for these dresses. It was the one word I was looking for myself when I first saw them. And the others, of course, but this word encompasses everything that i see in this dresses. They all look comfortable, soft, fluid and because I find the fabric the best, the fittest, the one for a wedding dress, they are also THE wedding gowns. I also adore the fact that they are decent and elegant at the same time, modern and delicious, if I can say that about a dress. I really like the first dress, the one with the bride on the cube. That dress is everything I’ve ever wanted to wear on my wedding day.

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