Ideas regarding short hairstyles for fine hair

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I am sure you know that there are several types and textures of hair and this is why there are some women with thick hair and some with fine hair. You might think that it is hard to find a suitable hairstyle for fine hair, but the truth is that both types have their advantages and disadvantages.
There are a lot of short hairstyles for fine hair that you could choose from and in this article I am going to tell you about two celebrity hairstyles that you might like.

You should know that in case you have fine straight hair then the hair will how the scissor marks so you must find a good hairstylist to avoid this. You should be thinking about layers and short and heavy bangs. They look very well with this type of hair and they create an illusion that the hair is thicker than it actually is.

When you are looking for a hairstyle you should be thinking about shoulder length or shorter. As I have mentioned before you should go for layered hairstyles but you should avoid razor cuts because it might make the hair look shredded.

One of the hairstyles that I would like you to know about is the hairstyle of Tina Fey. To get the same look you should start by applying curl enhancing cream on your damp hair and then blow dry the hair with the help of a diffuser to enhance the natural waves of the hair.

In case you have naturally straight hair you should curl the hair with the help of a curling iron to add texture to the hairstyle. Once you are done you should apply some hair gel and then scrunch the hair. This hairstyle looks best if it looks tousled and messy. You should also blow dry the bangs with the help of a round brush and then sweep them to the side.

The other hairstyle that i am going to tell you about is the one of Jessica Stroup. To steal her style you shoud work curl-shaping gel through your hair and then blow dry it with a diffuser to bring out the natural waves of the hair. Use a brush only on the bangs and sweep them to the side then flip them out.

Create a deep side part and then gather all the hair into a side ponytail (except for the bangs). Secure the ponytail with an elastic. Create a loop with the ponytail and ten a knot. Secure the knot with pins. Pull out some strands on the oppostire side of the bangs to frame your face and apply a bit of hairspray for extra hold.

I really hope that you like these short hairstyles for fine hair and that you will get the chance to try them because they are really easy to do and for sure they will make you look like a star. In case you have something to add, please leave a comment on the article.11

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