Ideas for Valentine’s Day wedding cakes

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Your wedding is a very special event so try unique decorations, themes and cake toppers. The theme that you choose for your wedding is very important and reflects your couple’s personality. So if you want to send the right message to your guests check that the elements you have chosen fit your personality.
For example if are a romantic person you can choose a Valentine’s Day theme. It is a very popular theme that couples love. You can choose from so many flavors, decorations, colors and cake toppers. The first thing you should know is that the colors you can use for a Valentine’s Day theme are white, pink, or red. But you can also use other colors because they will look great.

If you choose this theme here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day wedding cakes that you can try for your wedding.

Valentine’s Day heart decorations
The most popular symbol of this holiday is the heart so you can definitely use it to decorate your wedding cake. Here are some great ideas you can try. First of all you should know that for a Valentine’s Day theme you can always choose a heart shaped wedding cake because it looks fabulous. Try a white buttercream, chocolate or fondant heart wedding cake and it will look marvelous. For the fondant ones the most popular colors are pink and red but you can stray from these colors and choose what you like most.

Choose pink or red hearts to decorate your cake because they look really romantic. Choose sugar-paste, gum-paste or fondant ones and your cake will look astonishing. For example a great idea you can try is a heart shaped chocolate wedding cake decorated with red fondant hearts. The color combination is breathtaking and this cake will really jazz up your entire wedding.

Hearts can also be used as a cake topper at a Valentine’s Day theme. So try a steel heart, a white fondant one or what colors you like most. For a really striking effect choose a steel heart incrusted with Swarovski crystals and you will have a really special wedding cake.

Flowers for Valentine’s Day theme
No matter the theme or the season flowers are just magnificent decorations that you can use. For a Valentine’s Day theme the most popular flowers are roses. Try red, white or pink because they look fantastic and are really romantic. Fresh ones are quite delightful but you can also try artificial ones or made from chocolate or fondant.

Decorate your Valentine’s Day wedding cake with cascading roses because the effect is charming. You can also decorate it with rose petals on every tier or with small bouquets of flowers.

Roses can also be used as a cake topper at this splendid theme. Add a bouquet of fresh red or white roses and your cake will totally look amazing. Try this special cake topper for your wedding cake!

Other romantic ideas
If you want a really unique wedding cake try this magnificent idea: try a white fondant cake and decorate it with red and pink love messages. For example write messages like: “I love you”; “Just married” or other romantic declarations. You can also add red and pink hearts and you will have a really romantic wedding cake.

Another romantic Valentine’s Day idea is to decorate your wedding cake with strawberries. Try a brown chocolate wedding cake with strawberries and the taste is just splendid. You can also try a white fondant cake decorate with strawberries. A heart shaped wedding cake decorated with strawberries it is the most romantic wedding cake idea you can select.

For a Valentine’s Day wedding you can also try doves, lovebirds, ribbons, bows or other unique decorations. Those were just some ideas for Valentine’s Day wedding cakes but you can try other colors or decorations that you love.11

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