Ideas for fall wedding cakes

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A wedding theme has to be a harmonious combination between elements like decorations, floral arrangements and the wedding cake. Also the wedding cake has to be a perfect mixture of decorations and cake toppers. The wedding cake has to reflect the theme that you have chosen so check that every detail fits the theme.
For example if you choose a season theme make sure that the decorations and the flavors match the season. One of the most popular themes that couples love is the fall theme. This season has to offer great colors, decorations and flavors that will look marvelous at your wedding.

For a fall wedding theme choose colors like red, yellow, orange, teal or purple because they look splendid. For the decorations try fruits, leaves, Halloween characters or what ideas you enjoy most. If you decide to select this theme here are some ideas for fall wedding cakes.

Fall cakes with flowers
Autumn has some marvelous flowers that you can use to decorate your wedding cake. Choose colors like orange, red and yellow and it will look splendid. For an autumn wedding cake you can try chrysanthemum, marigold, static, zinnia or dahlias. The most popular fall flowers are chrysanthemum. You can choose yellow, white, red, pink, red or other marvelous colors. Decorate your wedding cake with fresh chrysanthemum and it will look really special. Fondant or handmade chrysanthemum is another great idea you can use.

Roses are other splendid flower you can use to decorate your cake. Choose orange and yellow ones and your cake will look outstanding. You should know that if you choose to decorate your wedding cake with flowers you can use flowers spread on every tier, or flower petals and as a cake topper a bouquet of autumn flowers is a great idea.

Fruits for an autumn wedding cake. The fruits are the perfect decorations that you can use for a fall wedding cake. Choose some tasty autumn fruits like grapes, pears, apples, raspberries, blueberries. These fruits have great colors and look tremendous. Fresh fruits are a really splendid idea you can try because they will really spice up your wedding cake. Handmade ones look really charming so you can definitely try them.

Here is a unique idea: decorate your wedding cake with frosting fruits because they are very refreshing and they look exquisite. Caramelized apples are another great idea you can use for a fall wedding cake because the taste is amazing. If you really like chocolate decorate your wedding cake with blueberries or grapes draped in chocolate because they have an exquisite taste.

Fall wedding cakes decorated with leaves
An autumn wedding cake decorated with leaves is an excellent idea you can try. You can use fresh yellow, red, orange or green leaves because the effect is striking. Fondant leaves look really special so you might as well try them. Chocolate branches and vines look great on an autumn wedding cake. Maple and oak leaves are really fabulous for a fall wedding cake and look really special. Marzipan and chocolate leaves are other ideas you can select to decorate your wedding cake.

Other ideas for fall wedding cakes
For an autumn wedding cake you can also use pumpkins and acorns to decorate your cake. Chocolate acorns will look great on your wedding cake. If you decorate your wedding cake with handmade pumpkins you will have a really unique wedding cake. You can also use Halloween characters to decorate your cake.

Here are two special fall wedding cakes
Try a three tier chocolate wedding cake decorated with yellow and orange fondant leaves and acorns. Add fondant acorns and leaves as cake toppers and surround every tier with chocolate pearls. The combination is quite exquisite and it looks marvelous.

Another amazing idea you can try is a three tier white and brown fondant cake decorated with brown and black fondant oak leaves. It looks elegant and simple.11

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