Hunting Wedding Cake Toppers

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For those who want to stay away from traditional options when it comes to the wedding cake topper, I recommend the funny options available on the market that are some inspired by sports and hobbies. For instance, if you are passionate about hunting, you should consider choosing one of the hunting wedding cake toppers available on online retailers such as These toppers are pretty unusual, so they are not for the couples afraid to make unconventional choices. Here are the options that I strongly recommend.

Hunting Wedding Cake Toppers

Hunting Wedding Cake Toppers (Photo by: Catherine)

My first suggestion is the Hunting Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom that’s made available on the website in exchange for around $131. This hunting wedding cake topper displays a bride that’s dragging the groom to the wedding’s location and away from the deer that he is trying to hunt. It’s a funny topper that includes quite a few elements. That explains the higher price tag. The great news is that you will be able to customize most of the elements included. You should definitely focus on the bride and groom for which you can choose any dress/attire, any hair color, any eye color and so on.


I also think you should consider the Autumn Bride and Groom wedding topper that follows a hunting theme. This cake topper is priced at $100 and displays a smiling bride dressed in a beautiful white dress and holding a colorful rose bouquet and a groom who’s wearing a nice suit while holding a gun in his hands. To complete the couple’s look, the designer also added a camouflage cap worn by the groom and a flower that’s placed on the groom’s lapel in order to complement the bride’s bouquet. Both characters sit on a wooden platform that needs to be placed on a wedding cake that measures at least 6 inches in diameter. If you are interested in customizing this wedding cake topper, you will just have to contact its creator by mail.

If you are interested in a wedding cake topper that actually combines the hunter and fishing themes, then you should consider the Bride And Groom Hunting/Fishing cake topper that’s priced at $130. This topper displays a smiling couple dressed in wedding outfits: the bride is wearing a beautiful white dress with floral accents and is holding a gorgeous bouquet while the groom is dressed in a traditional 2-button suit with tie. You should also know that the bride is holding fishing equipment while the groom is embracing the bride while showing off a gun and a bow. Just like the previous options this is yet another option that you can customize by contacting the designer.

Hunting Wedding Cake Toppers

Hunting Wedding Cake Toppers (Photo by: Robin L)

For those looking for a simpler option I recommend the Etsy wedding cake topper that displays a bride and groom holding hands and showing off colorful bows. For $85 you will also get a wooden platform on which you can request the designer to print your names and the wedding date. The level of detail of this work of art is pretty impressive because each and every piece is hand sculpted.


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