How to choose beach bridesmaid dresses?

Wedding Dresses | January 18 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Nowadays, weddings become more and more modern. Couples tend to opt for fancy ideas which highlight this special and unique moment in their life and also, they adore the idea of offering to all their guests a fabulous night and finally unforgettable ideas. A great idea which runs in every bride-to-be plan is the <a href=””>wedding location</a>. Where will we celebrate our marriage? If in ancient times, the kings were celebrating their marriage in castles, now couples have many more options: restaurant, castles (if you’d like the idea of a vintage or feudal wedding), backyard, court, vineyard, mountain, beach and so on. But I’d still like to devolve the idea of planning a beach wedding because we are now in wedding season and all of us are carving for a little holiday, to run some days from our home, from our job and rest some days on the beach. If we also have a reason to celebrate, it all gets even better!
A beach wedding is not only a formidable idea and totally modern, but also is less expensive because everything must wear that cozy comfortable carriage. We don’t need sophisticated menu (fruits, salads, fish are perfect meals), we also don’t need a luxurious restaurant which costs a lot to be rent (we come to the seaside to watch the sea, to loose into its waves and have fun playing in the sand, dancing till the sun rise up).

Let’s also talk about outfit. Here’s the part where the bride and all the other guests encounter some problems. Yes, the wedding is a fine event where elegance is required, but still do we need to be elegant if the <a href=””>wedding is planned on the beach</a>? And my answer is no. A casual outfit is all you need because a beach wedding means fun and dance.

The groom can supply his tux with a pair of white pants and a comfortable shirt, the bride can wear a vaporous maxi (or midi) dress with floral print, flounces or plaits (an interesting model and white is not a standard anymore), and the bridesmaids will be those little spots of color in the entire story. There are lot of <strong>beach bridesmaid dresses </strong>and all of them look gorgeous. Before buying the<a href=””> bridesmaids outfit</a>, you must set some things: if you have more than two bridesmaids, you must choose the length of their dresses and the model, the cut (even that they’ll wear the same color, at least the length and the design to differ a bit), what color they’ll wear (to contrast with the bridal gown), what material and so on.

Once you set all these things, you’re ready to invest your money in some beautiful <strong>beach bridesmaid dresses</strong> which can be worn with many other occasions. This is what I call a worthy investment. As for the other details such as hair-do, make-up, jewelries, accessories or shoes, it’s ideal to opt for simplicity.

What’s your opinion about beach weddings? Are you into cozy look, barefooted walks and disheveled hair or you prefer fancy expensive dresses assorted to luxurious locations?11

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  1. Pam Dugger

    February 28, 2016 at 12:02 am

    Where can I buy this orangae/melon dress featured on this page?

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