Hippie Wedding Cakes

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You want originality? Then choose the hippie chic style for your wedding cake!
From a social movement for civil rights occurred in the ’60s in the U.S.A. , at a fad of image. This is the hippie style, a maverick style, without too many pretensions, abusers of colors as diverse as it is intense. A challenge, therefore, for the most daring of us who will go to a wedding. For those of you with liberal personality, non-conformist and you have as a life principle “Live the moment” hippie style suits like a glove to you!

The hippie style translates to thirst for freedom and nonconformity. It is a libertine style, claims fare, which is distinguished by the intensity and variety of colors. Hippie outfit is a simple, easy, comfortable: jeans tattered and embellished with various details, loose tops or dresses with prints inspired by nature (flowers or leaves), with gaudy feathers and beaded accessories. Patches are other factors specific to hippie outfit – Vests, jackets, shirts, jeans, skirts and even bags – everything can be patched or decorated with fringe. Footwear is also a separate type gladiator sandals, leather.

As we have accessories: armband, headband (worn Pocahontas style – ie forehead), flowers-in any type of hair accessory, wide leather belt or chain strap, large bags, fabric, famous poncho. Jewels are very large, plastic, wood or leather and the central symbol is a symbol of peace. All this elements can be also used for your hippie wedding cake!

The hippie period will never be forgotten, and not because of the clothes but because of the hippie culture that has already reached the rank of culture for the masses. What in the ’60s in the U.S. exist as social movement for civil rights is now seen as a fad image. But the hippie wardrobe essential elements have been maintained over time and have emerged as must-have’s. Proponents of free love in the sun and who live in groups in nature borrowed clothes from the folk culture, used strong colors, styles and more bombastic then humble ideas such as jeans, clothes as natural or made by hand to express their thirst for freedom and nonconformity. They told the story with naturalness of clothes: their desire for social equality and diversity.

To be hippie you must believe in peace as a way to resolve differences among peoples, ideologies and religions. It means peace love and tolerance. Love means accepting others as they are, giving them the freedom to express themselves and not judging them by appearance. This is the essence of the hippie philosophy. The hippie movement has built many signs, symbols that everyone can see them. Some warn us of impending danger, others moving our attention to the very wealthy, for a more fulfilling life, but most of us show the way to freedom. Freedom is the highest quality of this system. Freedom to do what you like, to go where the tide takes you and be open to new experiences. This creates an attitude that allows a maximum personal growth. So if you want to organize a hippie wedding you must consider all those things and try to include them in a hippie wedding cake too! As hippie as you are dealing with similar situations as all people do. The older and wiser, together with young people must find a way to save the earth and become what we are meant to be.11

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  1. Elle

    January 17, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    LOVE the hippie wedding cakes, especially the one with the hippie cake topper. Often times when you think of a hippie cake, it means that it has to be tie dye, but no! Thanks for an alternate solution.

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