Harvest Wedding Flowers

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Couples who want to celebrate their wedding in the season of Autumn, they would definitely consider their wedding theme a harvest themed one. The harvest period carries within itself the symbol of abundance, of fulfillment, of witnessing with your own eyes the fructification of your own work, marking the transition to a wealthy life that the harvest results could offer. Imagine how the picture will look like: the wedding party arranged in an outdoor setting¬† with flowers decorating the table and the nature around you, the smell of the freshly cut grass, the birds chirping in the trees, no other sound of civilization disturbing the view, now what can be there more relaxing? And when the evening falls with the colors of the sunset to fill the horizon of the sky and casting rusty shadow on the ground, the candles come into the picture flickering their tiny flames all around the table and conferring your party that romantic note that nothing else could replace…

And if this picture suits you and you think that it represents the perfect way to organize your party, then you have to set out for planning the details and the elements to be added for your wedding reception to integrate into the picture. For the flowers element, you do not have to worry as autumn offers a variety of harvest wedding flowers, and if you consult a florist you can even get more information on the availability of the flowers. Next to the traditional wedding flowers, such as roses, orchids, lilies, daisies, there exist a wide range of types of flowers, though it may vary according to the region. Anyway, you should not forget the wildflowers too, because they can make the objects of very delicate and interesting arrangement both in the bouquets and table centerpiece. Not to mention the floral decorations that can adorn the candles, they can also enrich the atmosphere with their fresh and wild appearance.

harvest-wedding-flowersFlowers such as yarrow, amaryllis, fuchsia, chrysanthemum, zinnia, primula, Iris, Daphne, winter jasmine, narcissus are only a few to enumerate among the whole richness of harvest wedding flowers that the generous autumn offers to us. The theme itself is also generous, in that of counting on plenty of ideas to decorate the table using not only flowers or wildflowers, but carved pumpkins with candles burning inside, ornamental berries, colorful autumn leaves (they come in a whole range of fall tints that include gold, yellow, light brown, dark rusty brown, copper).

As a bride you can find other innovative ways to color the unfolding of your ceremonial; for instance you can have your flower girl drop autumn leaves instead of the traditional rose petals while you make your entrance as a bride, you can use baskets of fruit decorated with cinnamon sticks to spread the sweetness of their smell all over the place. Fall is a season that is generous with us in every aspect of its existence that lasts only three months in a whole year.11

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