Harley Davidson Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | June 29 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

The themed weddings involve creating the exotic atmosphere of a certain location in a location placed right if you hometown.

The theme of the wedding party is in general the same one selected for the wedding invitation designs, being either a funny one or an outrageous one, from the simple round or square invitation shapes, in various color combinations and patterns or sizes to the interesting and one-of-a-kind, personalized, homemade or custom made, motorcycle themed or car themed wedding invitations, especially the Harley Davidson motorcycle themes, with glitter or simple, etc. The offers are quite overwhelming and you can convince yourself of this just by searching on the internet.

The themed weddings replaced, over these last years, the classical wedding ceremonies I see the emerging of this situation as having to main reasons; it is less costly to organize a themed wedding in you hometown than to plan the wedding in foreign and exotic regions of the world and the second has to do with time and the professional jobs.

Some of the mandatory changes regarding the wedding information written on the wedding invitations were introduced back in the beginning of the twentieth century, when humankind experienced not only the beginning of a different era but also the start of implementing new living conditions, highly dependable on the technological developments. No longer were the couriers necessary to deliver the wedding invitations, now we had the newly invented postal services; no longer the text had to be written by hand, thermography was the cheapest technique used in printing the mass produced wedding invitations.

The online manufacturers give you the possibility of buying those selected Harley Davidson designed wedding invitations at discounted prices, after viewing pictures of the wedding invitations offers of their specialized invitation sites.

The basic information necessary for the guests did not change much from that period of time, except some small but significant details about the wedding theme and such. This basic information was related to the location of the wedding ceremony, the time and date and if there is an after-party, which usually was because the wealthy liked to show their opulence by celebrating these event with great pomp, the names of the main couples and of course, the names of the wedding hosts.

As you can probably tell, the wedding hosts are the persons responsible for the wedding planning and payment but nowadays, the bride and groom can choose to pay for their own wedding or receive just as small financial contribution from their families, even if, traditionally, the bride’s parents have to act as the main hosts.

You have to send those selected Harley Davidson themed invitations with weeks in advance, sometimes with minimum sic weeks before the planned wedding day, and you can use the classic double envelope or the single modern one to seal them in.

The ‘save the date’ invitation cards usually act as reminders that an important event will happen in the near future but the information share with them is not similar to the one mentioned on the wedding invitations; this simply means that the ‘save the dates’ don’t replace the formal wedding invitations, but you can ask in advance for an attendance response by a certain mentioned date by adding on the ‘save the date’ cards an RSVP. The RSVP can also be included only on the wedding invitation cards or on separate ones with a return address or be replaced with the “Regrets only” expression, used for requesting only the non-attendance responses, and a phone number for direct contact.

The wedding invitations made their debut in the list of the most important wedding customs several centuries ago, in the European region, being made popular especially by the English and French aristocracies. The members of the high-class societies used the popular and practical double envelope to send out the invitations in long journeys, through a courier. Sometimes it took weeks for the wedding invitations to reach their destination but once they were passed in the hands of the receivers, the outer envelope, scratched and dirtied, was removes revealing the intact inner, second envelope with the not damages wedding invitations. The invitation cards were simpler, a white paper card with the engraved or drawn coat of arms or family crest of the senders and a beautiful hand written text.

The wording etiquette for the wedding invitations demands the use of a formal language style to issue the invitations but the modern alternative or the simple, non-traditional and modern wording style is the other alternative, used especially with the themed invitations.11


  1. beverly

    July 05, 2010 at 9:13 am

    I have some friends that are passionate about motorcycles but I wonder who on earth would go this far as to actually have a picture of a motorcycle on your wedding invitation. It sounds really crazy and unusual. Well, I guess that if we are dealing with a really non-conformist couple, then this is highly probable to happen. I have to admit, it would be very original to see one of these invitations coming in the mail one day but I know for sure I would never have one of these for my wedding. They say that invitations actually reflect the wedding theme so I wonder how a Harley Davidson wedding would look like

  2. Alicia

    October 10, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    My sister is having a Harley Davidson wedding theme and she is getting married at Sturgis. I am actlually trying to find or create a wedding invitation for her.

  3. abebra pieper

    November 18, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Did you find anyone to make invitations for you yet?
    I can make something for you, thats Harley Davidson.
    Thank you

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