Halloween Wedding Ideas

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Besides the celebration of harvest and grapes, autumn is famous for Halloween. Controversial or not, accepted or blamed, I think is a good opportunity for special weddings. Halloween is a source of inspiration for countless couples who want to organize original parties, unforgettable for all the guests.

To capitalize in detail the beauty that is provided by this a unique idea is like creating a show in the middle of a scene. And if you are daring, imagination and creativity can born even more original ideas! Pumpkins, masks and various costumes not only celebrate the passed away persons, but also persons who are close to you. Here are some Halloween ideas that will transform your reception into a real show.

Halloween Wedding Ideas

As the location for the official marriage ceremony, you can choose a garden decorated with large cloth lanterns and pumpkins. Orange candles must be spread everywhere so as to confer a touch of mystery.

Tulips chosen in bright shades, roses colored in pink and deep red, berries in shades of orange, purple peonies and cherry dahlias give a playful note to the entire wedding decor. Plants can be placed in jars, vases and vintage glasses. In addition to complete the table decor, you can opt for candles with ribbons made ​​of black and white satin. The same combination of non-colors can be transferred on your wedding gown featuring vintage details such a ribbon in waist used to highlight your silhouette.

The classic costume may be adopted of a small group of guests and all guests at the wedding reception. Thus, the bridesmaids can assume roles ranging from Hollywood actresses to childhood fairy tales characters.

Also the menu can take the leitmotif of costumes, figurines used in completing the wedding cake featuring a miniature ballerina or a pirate. In the category of sweet treats there can be included caramelized apples, considering that the festival coincides with the period when these fruits are harvested. These Halloween wedding ideas may surprise some of you, because you might think that a wedding is an occasion in which you are supposed to be joyous, not dressed in monsters and witches. But that is exactly the charm of such a wedding: the novelty, something different that break usual patterns.

“Monster Mash”, “Thriller” and songs collected from the famous “The Addams Family “film soundtrack are just some of the suggestions to be included in  the day of the big “yes”, carried out at Halloween.

In the American continent, weddings who collect inspirational elements from this Celtic celebration gain increasingly more ground in terms of popularity in the preferences of young couples, so why do not you try it?

Img source: Tori Behr on Flickr (license)

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