Guitar Wedding Cakes

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It’s a good idea to choose a theme for your wedding before you start out with the wedding plans. With a theme in mind you will be much easier to make decisions when you need to make reservations for the wedding dresses, wedding location or other elements. A well-planned theme wedding gives you the pleasure of knowing that your guests will participate in a memorable wedding where everything was well thought out and executed for their maximum satisfaction. Also, a themed wedding gives you the opportunity to reflect on your personality and your partner that incorporate hobbies and things you like in the scheme basis…and what better time to do that than when you start your life together.

We offer suggestions on how to implement easy topics, but do not stop there. Let your imagination run wild, putting together what is important for you and enjoyable for your guests. Talk to a reputable wedding consultant if you need answers to questions: how, where and how much? A theme wedding requires good planning. When you select a menu that fits your theme, be attentive to the needs of all guests. You can take into account elements related to ethnicity, age group or religion. The wedding cake is also a very special part of any wedding so be careful at the shape and the taste that you choose for it. An original idea can be a guitar wedding cake.

Music is meant to create a good feeling, to bring good mood in the souls of the guests. Everybody has one favorite song, a song that makes their heart throb. Besides the bridal march at a wedding, all other songs are marked by the bride and groom and reflect their preferences. Some couples make mistakes when choosing songs. It is possible, for example, the selection to be made according to a singer you live but, surprise, at thr wedding he plays a song of sorrow … The effect will be disastrous.

The guitar is a stringed musical instrument pinched. It has a long neck, bordered with keys (en. frets), and a sounding of which both sides are flat. Laterally, they form “shoulders” features round, giving the body a figure 8. Quart perfect standard tuning (with one exception) resembles the one of the viola family instruments (viola da gamba, Violon, etc.). The guitar plays an important role in many musical genres belonging to folklore, but especially consumption music. Between these genres include blues, country, folk, flamenco, jazz, rock and pop. If you have a real passion for this instrument you can choose to have a guitar wedding cake to express your love for music.

A song often played at weddings for the bride dancing with her father is “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. It is a song of great sensitivity and talks about the sadness of his father who sees his daughter and remembers raising moments when each evening before bedtime, the girl kissing him gently. The song says: “Despite everything I did wrong, I must have done something right to deserve her love every morning and the butterfly kisses, every night. ” Another song, “Unforgettable”by Natalie Cole, is already dedicated a song, preferably as music stand for the dance of the couple. And as the final song of the wedding, you can use a song played by the legendary Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” song that was a wonderful film soundtrack. It “starts” slowly but gradually, the pace becomes more alert and you’ll be surprised to see them all the guests on the dance floor.11

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