Green Wedding Cakes

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A green theme is perfect for an aestival wedding but not only. Couples can choose this wonderful and refreshing theme for any type, style and seasonal wedding. It is never a required occasion to wear green for a delicate touch of naturalness, freshness and visual impact

Green wedding cakes are a wonderful und unique idea for a wedding day especially because this unique a splendid color has so many essential meanings. Green is the symbol of nature, care, affection, youth, joy, fertility, healing, birth, new beginning, genuine, innocence, honesty, cleanliness, sincerity, simplicity, elegance and good taste.

That is why so many couples adore this color for an original, funny, funky and colorful wedding desert. But green is also a symbol of environmental issues and ecology situation that we are facing today. There are plenty brides and grooms out there who are choosing to give a personal tribute and respect the nature by planning an eco wedding. There are lots of beautiful and “healthy” eco decorative elements that you can find on the market and people who decide to follow and fulfill this objective are happy for to be able to help by finding everything they need for a thoughtful and responsible wedding.

Either you are planning on a garden, field, country-side, mountain, back-yard, park wedding or any other outdoor set for a summer wedding day the green wedding cake integrates perfectly within the natural décor. There are many styles, decorative elements and unique toppers for green wedding cakes for you to choose from. You can find lots of floral decorations that you can use to adorn a springy or summery green wedding cake, but you can also find any other herbal, leaf, frog, insect, bird or butterfly motifs that you can incorporate into the green wedding cake design. For a more stunning, elegant and original appearance, you can choose to combine the green color with any other matching shade.

For example one can have a green and white wedding cake color scheme, or a green and yellow, a green and black, a green and pink, a green and blue, a green and red, a green and brown, a green and champagne shade or any other combination between these lovely patterns. Any of these unique colored combinations are able to give your wedding cake aspect a more dramatic, attractive, chic, creative and artistic effect. But you can combine two shades of green as well, because this color comes in various blends and nuances.

Depending on your wedding type you can choose a funny green wedding cake, a classic green wedding cake, a fairytale green wedding cake a Disney green wedding cake, a whimsical green wedding cake, a simple green wedding cake or a retro green wedding cake.


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