Green and Blue Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | February 03 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

In case you are planning a wonderful summer time wedding and you haven’t found yet the right type of color scheme to use for composing the flower arrangements, perhaps you can get inspired from this article and these gorgeous pictures of green and blue wedding flowers we’ve posted on this page. We think that a summer time wedding requires a more vibrant, energizing and eye-catchy type of color palette and we are convinced that the blue and green theme is one of the most adequate and suitable in this regard.


If you’ve always dreamed of having a cheerful, colorful and vivacious wedding perhaps you will find this theme very appropriate for your own use. We think that the green and the blue colors mix together in a very interesting and unique way. You don’t get the chance to see such color combination too often in a wedding and this is perhaps one of the best reasons for why you should give it a try with this theme. Nevertheless, we recommend you to be very careful with the exact types of blue and green shades you decide to use, because there is a risk of obtaining a strident effect or an improper or inopportune result.

We suggest you to use a mixture of a pastel and a bold nuance in order to be sure that the result is going to be soft on the eye and appropriate. Here are a few beautiful combinations that you can be made between the blue and the green hues: navy blue and lime green, pale blue and sage green, teal and emerald green, turquoise and lime green, baby blue and forest green, meadow green and sapphire blue. We recommend you to consult a color chart in order to see whether the mixture you’re thinking of is adequate or matching with the wedding you’re planning.

We must mention here that a green and blue wedding flower theme can work not only for summer time weddings but also for spring weddings or for fall receptions. It all depends on the exact shades of blue and green one decides to use. There are plenty types of fresh flowers that can be found in both these colors, although fewer in green shades. However, here are a few relevant examples of real green flowers that you can look for out there: gerbera daises, spider mums, hydrangeas, carnations, roses or orchids.

As for the blue part of the arrangement, you can search for the following types of flower assortments: delphiniums, sea hollies, tulips, carnations, roses, sweet peas, gerbera daises, birds of paradise, ranunculuses, hydrangeas, lilacs, hyacinths, irises, lavenders or blue bells. Green and blue wedding flower bouquets can suit the modern bride who is willing to adopt a more provocative, bold and daring color palette for her look. We invite you to browse for more articles on various themes on our website where you will be able to lots of other unique color flower combinations that might make a more attractive source of inspiration.11

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