Green Accent Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding Decorations | October 02 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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If you are planning a beautiful wedding outside the doors and you want to use a more vibrant theme for the décor arrangements we suggest you to go with the green theme. This color has become very popular during the last few years for weddings and it seems that the number of brides or couples who decide to use it in their wedding is constantly growing.


We are happy to be able to provide you with such beautiful and unique green accent wedding flower arrangements here on our website o that you can choose or get inspired from the best designs. And we really have no doubt about the fact that you will be able to find something that you can steal or use in your own wedding arrangements among these precious styles.

Green is the color of nature, and this is why it is recommended especially for outdoors weddings. But even for fancy indoors wedding receptions this color can be used with success. It all depends on the exact type of green you’re choosing. The bolder types of greens are more adequate for dramatic weddings, while the paler or soften green shades are more fitted for refined elegant weddings. Here are the most popular types of green that you can choose for your own wedding: lime green, sage green, forest green, emerald green, mint green and meadow green.

Make sure that you choose the bets type of green shade according to the formality, season and venue of the wedding. Green is considered the color of new beginnings, youthfulness, energy, everlasting love, warmth and affection, prosperity, fertility, innocence, optimism, faith, hope, truth, cheerfulness, joy of living, love for nature, originality, energy, dynamism, health, wealth, power and creativity. Now that we know all the meanings of this gorgeous color we can easily decide whether this color is or not appropriate or suitable for a wedding or not.

But this is a personal choice that should be made according to the preferences and vision of each one of you in part. The green color looks fabulous when used alone in wedding bouquets but also when it is combined with various complementary shades. A wedding bouquet composed entirely of green flowers can sometimes look too bushy if you’re not using the correct doses or types of greens. These green accent wedding flower arrangements look more adequate for a wedding because they are diversified, rich and eye-catchy!11

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