Greek Wedding Cakes

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Zorba the Greek, tzatziki, ouzo … all these lead us to think at one thing: Greece. A blessed land, full of traditions both ancient and modern. The most important day in the life of a Greek, the wedding day can not be valued than giving them the elements as diverse. With a strong Christian footprint, here is how a Greek wedding looks like…beginning with a greek wedding cake of course.

Tradition says that four days and four nights are spent at a Greek wedding. These days, it takes place on a Sunday, in the late autumn, shortly after they were picked olives. Preferably, the first Sunday after it was full moon.

Good thoughts at the bride’s house:

Marriage ritual starts at the bride’s house, where the groom comes with the best man, named koumbaros. So it is called the godfather, the word referring to a person very close. Now gather also the friends of the bride, who wishes her all good thoughts, which gets them with shy. From here it starts, and specifically Greek, namely “to be shy as a bride. ”

The groom offers the shoes to his bride:

It is considered bad luck if the groom sees his future wife in the wedding dress before the wedding day. The groom is given a glass of wine, a ring-shaped slice from the greek wedding cake and a spoon. After drinking booze, her future husband inserted a few coins into the cup and the spoon, along with half a slice of the wedding cake, give them to the knight, who then gave them to the bride the next morning. The best man put the bride puts shoes on her feet, the shoes offered by the groom. The girl’s father gives his blessing, then the koumbaros leads the couple to the church. This is a very important role in the ceremony, making sure that everything properly.

Voluntarily and unhindered:

The ceremony consists of two parts: the betrothal and the marriage itself. Being a very religious people, the Greeks build the event in their lives, each emphasizing freedom of choice. Therefore, the priest asks the bride and groom, before arriving at the altar, if they have voluntarily come to the wedding and if none of them is promised to another person. This specifies the look of integrity for this nation.

The Greek food:

To have a “sweet” marriage, the bride slips sugar cubes in her glove, on their wedding day. Greek wedding cakes are great looking and I think they are tasty too. In antiquity, the future wives often wore with them ivy as signs of eternal love. The Knight of Honor or the godfather should be necessarily Orthodox religion.

The change of the veil:

The bride should wear a veil in front throughout the event. During the party, on the dance rhythms, the women raise their veil and replace it with a “babushka”. This ritual symbolizes the bride’s transformation from girl to woman. Also, the international tradition started from here as the bride on her wedding day to wear the veil.

Rose petals and sugar-coated almonds:

In some areas, guests must wear a specific charm, which is shaped like a small eye, which is said to protect them from misfortune. Another popular tradition is rocking the children int the bed where the bride and groom will spend their wedding night. Friends and family roll their babies slightly from side to side thereof. Also, are sprinkled rose petals, coins and sugar-coated almonds called koufetta to bring fertility and prosperity to the couple. Grooms do not get the honeymoon.11

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