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The wonderful and magical Disney World beautified our childhood and the great tunes of Disney movies made us dream about a fairy tale world. Cinderella, Snow White, the 1001 night’s dream series with Aladdin and his Genie in a bottle, Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio proved to us that everything is possible if we don’t lose our hope.

It doesn’t matter if you are a grown up, Disney is in all of us. Are you planning a magical Disney-themed wedding? Then you have to accompany your big event with a special décor, special elegant Disney attire and especially some magical Disney love songs. You will have plenty of choices because Disney has some amazing love songs that will add a special charm to the greatest day of your life.

Many couples choose to play the famous Disney love songs for their wedding playlist and many of the Disney songs have been nominated for important awards in the music industry. There are thousands of great Disney songs that can be played in wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Many of them are romantic tunes, others are funny tunes. No matter what type of songs you like you will surely find something there for you. Disney music can be included into your wedding ceremony or reception in numerous ways.

If you can’t hire a live band or musician to have some Disney songs in their repertoire, then CDs and soundtracks are easily available options. Due to the great demand of couples for Disney wedding music, there are a number of Disney wedding love song collections and famous movie soundtracks available on the market.

Internet is also packed with such songs, so if you are looking for some particular Disney songs that mean something to both of you, you can download individual songs. You can also find online sheet music or arrangements for the most popular Disney wedding songs. There are also various famous music artists that covered many classic Disney love songs.

Karaoke is also a good and entertaining way of including Disney music into your wedding reception. Disney music has been entertaining audiences for generations from the classic Mickey Mouse to the actual Hannah Montana so everybody loves it and will be thrilled to contribute to the mood. There are several Disney songs that make fabulous karaoke versions.

Let’s see what are the best Disney wedding CDs and music collections available to set the mood for your fairy tale wedding:

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings – classic instrumental love songs for your happily-ever-after.

Disney’s Wedding Story

Wishes – Walt Disney Presents

Disney’s Love Songs

Disney’s Greatest Hits

Disney’s Love and Ballad Collection

Disney’s Princess Favorites

Classic Disney: 60 Years of Magical Music

Disney by Candlelight

These collections are all specially designed for wedding. If you can’t decide on which Disney music to choose in order to create your fairy tale corner, you can view the videoclips of the songs on many specialized websites such as Disney has something for every taste. Have a happily-ever-after marriage!11

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