Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses Los Angeles

Wedding Dresses | November 16 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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If you’ve always dreamt of getting married dresses up like Grace Kelly, we’re sure that you’re going to love this article and especially these pictures with Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses.

More and more modern brides of today are turning to the vintage fashion when the style was extremely stylized and the elegance was totally elegant. If you want to travel back in the ‘50s and see what styles and designs were in vogue in that period take a look at these images and tell us whether you find these dresses attractive, wearable or appropriate for a 2010 wedding.

We think that the 1956 Grace Kelly’s style in fashion and wear is quite charming, feminine, dainty and classy, perfect for any contemporary wedding planned with an antique theme. For all the brides who love lace and its magical aspect, its flirty and flattering texture and its sensual appearance perhaps a Grace Kelly inspired wedding dress can make a stunning choice and a more inspiring and inspired option to start with.

Vintage themed weddings and old style inspired wedding dresses are in big demand this year and it seems that they will continue to be in vogue for the next years to come.

Nothing could ever beat up the timelessly romance, the refined elegance and the feminine beauty of the vintage style. You won’t be able to find the same soft and clever discreet and yet simply sophisticated lines in pure modern wedding dresses that are not inspired from the old style. In general, the original Grace Kelly style in fashion was quite modest – appropriate for that period of time.

That is why you will get the chance to find beautiful and intriguing or unique high neck Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses stunningly decorated with lace. This type of dress is surely capable of making a bride look just like a royal princess on the day.  The designer of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was Helen Rose. Her gown was made of antique Valenciennes rose lace, silk taffeta and tulle. Even the veil was all covered with lovebirds made from lace and thousands of pearls.

Nowadays there are many contemporary designers who adore creating wonderful magical antique style wedding dresses for the bohemian retro or vintage kind of brides who love everything about the old style. You can find superb charming Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses made by Vera Wang (look at the first picture) in a more modern style but still keeping the lace overlays line.

Some of the gowns are made with handmade sheer lace cap or T-shirt sleeves, other are subtly designed with sexy illusion tops and natching sensual chic gloves. If your wedding is going to take place in Los Angeles, in a very sophisticated, fancy and coquette old style location why not opt for a fabulous Grace Kelly inspired wedding dress!11

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  1. tulla

    February 07, 2011 at 6:33 am

    Why not going back to the ’50s? Or to other times? And take the good part in them, of course? I find the dresses of those times more femnine than these modern ones. Although I am an eclectic type of person and I like different types of clothes. But what I like mostly about those dresses and especially about these ones Grace Kelly inspired is that they are sexy, decent and very very fluid. Either because of the fabric or because of the line, but one can see how fluid they really are. I especially like the one shoulder type of dress from here. I’ve always considered one shoulder dresses really sensual and any time I see one I fall in love with it. And this one can become an inspiration for my own weddig dress. Thank you so much for this article.

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