Gothic Love Wedding Cakes

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Planning to have a gothic theme for your wedding ceremony requires a lot of research both for the location and atmosphere. The latter includes dresses, flower decorations, wedding invitations, music and last but not least the table setting with its wedding cake. The gothic theme is a demanding one, since there are nowadays trends in fashion, music and literature that bear the mark of modernism in a manner that made possible the preservation of gothic style in a stylistic form of expression.

Gothic romance actually is a phrase that comprises the definition of gothic feeling, which embodies an understanding of the “joys of extreme emotion, the thrills of fearfulness and awe inherent in the sublime, and a quest for atmosphere”. Most of all, gothic is about exhibiting a certain atmosphere that, through its weirdness, induces states of extreme emotions and awareness of sublime. The Gothic era left an inheritance of darkness, of terrifying feelings (as a result of the harsh laws enforced by torture) combined with mysterious and fantastic rituals.

gothic-love-wedding-cakesThe gothic themed weddings can be divided in two periods of the Gothic era: Victorian Gothic wedding and Medieval/Renaissance Gothic wedding. You have to know the difference in order to decide which period suits your tastes the best.  The fashion is different, the jewels, too, not to mention the locations and the settings, as well as the choice of floral decorations.

Added to these two periods of Gothic era, one may have to consider also the modern Gothic of our times, which also has its own style and fashion and ways of decorations. Or in case you want to add a touch of personality and originality you may take into account the option of combining the two styles, and in this way you can have both old Gothic style and the modern Gothic gathered into a single party.

Gothic love wedding cakes come also in different styles: the classic Gothic and the modern one. The classical Gothic love wedding cake can have decorative motifs such as castles, flowers or bows made in an elegant style, exhibiting elaborate shapes and colors, whereas the modern Gothic style has a strange look regarding the decorations, that can be rendered more stylistic, in a way that preserved only the feelings one can have facing an image of decay, therefore unsettling.

The Gothic themed wedding has several options to be considered, and every option has its own way of reflecting the elements that constituted the foundation of the trend itself. Each of these periods exhibits totally different perceptions; the Victorian Gothic theme inspires magnificence, romance in a harmonic way of living it, elegance and royalty, whereas the Modern Gothic theme breaths strangeness, an unsettling feeling that something bad is going to happen, a sort of mysterious, yet undesirable perception.

So, whether you make a choice on one of these themes, or you just decide to mix them both, Gothic love wedding cakes are sure to get the effect the decorator expects to get. Its all the same intriguing for both of the styles, either it comes to Victorian Gothic wedding cake or Modern Gothic wedding cake. This is only up to you to decide what kind of love is the best to display in the decoration of your wedding cake: the royal one or the mysterious one?11

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