Golden Anniversary Wedding Cakes

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A wedding party is elegant, from traditional vows exchanged between the bride and groom in a church, to vows made during a wedding on the beach. These elegant wedding cakes continues the touch of style  for an event offering to the bride,groom and guests a delicious dessert. Understanding the elegance of a cake, the bride and groom  themselves, can easily choose wedding cake.

For a Golden anniversary i think elegant wedding cakes can be perfect because of  the various styles and shapes. Each element can contribute to the elegance of its presentation:
• Color: classical white wedding cakes are the most common forms for sophisticated, elegant. While over-colored cakes are too shocking for a touch of elegance at the golden anniversary, yet one dominant color can enhance the shape of the cake. Monochrome colors are preferred, but also a strong contrast can be elegant as black and white cakes.

• Shape: sloping layered wedding cakes, different forms are considered unusual rather than elegant. Round or square cakes are the most elegant and fit for a golden anniversary.
• Settlement: The way a wedding cake is placed can affect its appearance. Forms developed, such as a bridge, fountains or waterfalls can be nice. In general, it is  elegant a metal cake stand.The table on which is brought the wedding cake should be decorated simply, without too many flower arrangements, details or accessories that might distract.
• Details: The degree of sophistication cause the elegance of a cake. Cake decorating frosting on top of baskets filled with roses and pearls, would not give a touch of elegance. Simple ornaments are preferred. Thus, one can use a thin layer of frosting, a few flowers, berries in glaze or spirals, or a cord giving the illusion of a larger wedding cake.

• Theme: At a golden anniversary the wedding cake must have a topic  which can contribute to its elegance. More elegant cakes fit perfectly with the event itself, whether they are also decorated with flowers or flower bouquet subtle touches of color matching the bride’s dress but also with the table arrangements. Because the  wedding has a direct theme, the details on the cake should be as simple and discreet.

• Peak cake: figurines on top of the cake may not offer much elegance, because comic or most toppers do not fit with the golden anniversary wedding cake.

• Taste: The taste of the cake may not yet have a immediate impact as it can have it’s elegance.Wedding cakes for golden anniversary are  using only one flavor. The iqueur  offer a  touch of subtle elegance.
• Habits: A simple wedding cake is elegant  by the way is “treaty.”  When this will be cut the couple  will be using the suitable utensils.

Considering the wedding cake as being a very important piece of the golden anniversary of the bride and groom  it’s not recommended  to take the cream and throw it to the left and right, beacause the wedding itself will be considered no style.

For those guests who will take home a piece of the wedding cake, think of providing some small cardboard boxes, specially created for this purpose. They must have names and wedding date embossed on the outside, or without any script. Your guests will definitely appreciate the effort.11

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