Gold wedding cakes

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When you choose the color of your wedding cake is always difficult. First you have to be careful that it fits with the rest of the theme. Then you have to be sure that it is the right color. You don’t want to choose a too heavy color, or maybe a too classical one.
If you want something in between and you want a really special wedding you can always choose gold. For the table arrangements choose red and gold, for the flowers you can try artificial gold and white roses and a gold wedding cake will really shine.

As an advice don’t use to much gold and combine it with other light colors like white and ivory for a simple cake. But if you want and extravagant one you can definitely try a red and gold combination, blue and gold or black and gold one. These are strong combinations of colors but they look spectacular.

Gold wedding cakes are exquisite and with the right decorations look fabulous. So here are some ideas if you try a gold wedding cake.

White and gold wedding cakes
This combination is really unique and quite elegant. So if you want a simple and tasteful wedding cake this is the way to go. You have many possibilities on your hand. For example you can choose a gold cake with white decorations, or a combined white and gold cake with white and gold decorations or whatever you have in mind.

Try a white fondant wedding cake decorated with gold ribbons and bows. It is a very tasteful wedding cake and it looks marvelous. Other magnificent idea you can definitely try is a white wedding cake decorated with gold butterflies. It is the perfect wedding cake for a spring theme and it looks splendid.

A gold wedding cake decorated with white flowers looks amazing. Try fresh roses, calla lilies, daisies or tiger lilies because they are really elegant flowers. You can also choose sugar-made, chocolate or frosting flowers because they taste fantastic.

You can also choose this combination for a summer cake. Try a gold and white wedding cake decorated with white seashells, sea horses or starts because it looks great. A winter gold cake is a wonder so choose a gold cake decorated with white snowflakes. It is a magical winter wedding cake that you have to try.

Black and gold wedding cakes
This is a great idea that you can definitely try for your wedding. It is a strong mixture of colors but it looks elegant. For example you can try a gold wedding cake decorated with dark chocolate flowers. It looks really lovely and it is an amazing idea. Black shapes, swirls, dots, zebra stripes or patterns look marvelous on a gold wedding cake so try this crazy idea.

Other ideas
A splendid idea you can try is a gold wedding cake decorated with red polka dots. It is really elegant and unique. For a Valentine’s Day a white wedding cake decorated with gold hearts is really romantic so try it. Also you can try combinations with gold and green, gold and pink or gold and purple if you want a whimsical wedding cake.

Two interesting wedding cakes
Try a square and round wedding cake decorated with intricate swirls. Add a huge gold fondant bow with a crystal brooch in the middle. Surround every tier with gold ribbons. It looks really elegant and classy.

A gold four tier wedding cake decorated with black patterns and scroll work is really special. Surround every tier with brown ribbon and add white roses as a cake topper.11

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