Gazebo Wedding Decorations

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Before mentioning several gazebo wedding decorations that we have found online and that we believe are more than appropriate to be used at an outdoor wedding, let's explain what is a gazebo and why are so many people in love with gazebos.

What is a gazebo?

Gazebo is represented by any pavilion structure, that has the purpose of protecting those that are in it against rain and wind, offering them at the same time, the possibility of enjoying a few drops and perhaps a calm wind. Gazebos are very similar to those kiosks that were so popular 100 years ago. Nowadays, those who have large houses usually design a patio next to their house, which offers them the same advantages as a gazebo. However, gazebos are much more romantic, because they are separate structures, placed in gardens, parks and also in spacious public areas. Patios, on the other hand, are only attached to houses or other buildings.

Gazebo Wedding Decorations

Gazebo Wedding Decorations (Photo by: Roberto Verzo)

Wedding arches

Obviously, the first wedding recommendation that we make in relation to a gazebo is a wedding arch. Usually, arches are sold for less than $50, especially if they are made from aluminium or wood. Of course, if you want your wedding arch to be made from aluminium plated in platinum, you will have to pay more than $1000 on such structure. In some cases, marrying couples decide to rent wedding arches, without searching for alternative options, such as buying arches made from wood or other cheap materials or creating the arches themselves. Wedding arches are great to be used at outdoor weddings and make a truly unique statement.

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Wedding drapes

A gazebo is nothing if it is not decorated with beautiful wedding drapes, in the color of the entire wedding atmosphere. Usually, for $100, one can receive 2 panels (50 x 100′). They are made from polyester and are weather resistant. There should be mentioned that a happy couple that wants to celebrate their wedding in the outdoors, and have a gazebo as the main element that will attract the attention of their guests, can customize their panels to have the dimensions desired by them. Also, their wedding drapes can be made in any color they want and also can feature any design they require.


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