Funny Wedding Renewal Ceremony

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A vow renewal wedding ceremony is as important for a couple as their wedding day. That’s because from time to time every couple feels the needs to make sure that their love is still as powerful as on the day when they got married. In addition, a vow renewal ceremony gives us the chance to celebrate love and get together with family members and friends that have been there for us all this time. So, if you want to plan a fun and out-of-the-ordinary vows renewal wedding ceremony, you should consider the following ideas.

My first suggestion is to use decorations and a venue that allow you to re-enact the atmosphere of the year when you got married. You should actually consider wearing the same hairstyle that you used on your wedding day and a vintage style wedding dress. You should also hire a band and have it perform only hits from the year when you got married. You should add to that playlist the most special songs that were played during your original wedding reception.

Funny Wedding Renewal Ceremony

Funny Wedding Renewal Ceremony (Photo by: Jim Zulakis)

If you are celebrating your 40th or 50th wedding anniversary, you should consider planning a fun vow renewal ceremony by involving in the event all your family members, including your grandchildren. What can be more fun than a day that you get to spend with all the ones you love in a special setting? At the end of such a day you will be able to put together a photo album that will remind you for years of the fun you had that day.

If your wedding was pretty traditional, you should consider changing things completely and designing a bolder, more exciting vow renewal wedding ceremony. You can show you’re bold by simply choosing to have this time a destination wedding. This should be your first choice especially if for some reason at the time you were forced to have a small wedding or give up your honeymoon. What can be more beautiful than to renew your vows on a Hawaiian beach or another stunning location that you’ve always dreamt about visiting?

For those that had a pretty formal wedding, I recommend going informal. As you know, formal events tend to not be as fun as an informal party because they involve following a more restrictive etiquette. At your vow renewal wedding ceremony you should forget about that etiquette and have fun by simply organizing a barbeque in the backyard or a picnic next to a beautiful lake. It’s even better if that lake is a source of fun family memories.


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