Frosting Made Roses For Wedding Cakes

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Frosting basically means to be covered with a coating of frost, and “frost” represents a layer of ¬†water vapor , layer that is formed due to the cooling of solid surfaces that stand below the dew point of the adjacent air. In the food industry frosting is often replaced by the word ‘icing’, denoting the sweet glaze used in bakery recipes for cakes.

In the ancient times the only way to sweeten a cake was using honey dotted with fruits and nuts. The middle time of 17th century was the period when frosting was first created and it consisted of sugar, egg whites and flavors which were all boiled together and after that poured over the cake. The effect of glaze was created by placing back the cake into the oven for some minutes and after that removed to be cooled in the opened air.

frosting-made-roses-for-wedding-cakesFrosting nowadays has two functions: to give a nice aspect to the cake and to add an extra rich, sweet flavor to the structure of the cake. Bakers have created several types of frosting among which we meet the butter cream frosting rich and thick (a mixture of butter and powdered sugar, that was added flavor), cooked frosting light and airy (egg white mixed with sugar), whipped cream frosting rich and sweet (sugar, whipped cream and flavor). There is another type called royal icing which is actually a thick frosting, often used to help decorating the other frosting types.

Cake decorating ideas vary according to the season, even if the cake is supposed to be eaten, there are couples that prefer to choose decorations according to the season they have the wedding celebration. But most of all, the frosting made roses for wedding cakes are the preferred ones. Because the variety of colors stay well on these type of flowers; though someone may say that they are so common, when it comes to decorate the wedding cakes they give a special and unique aspect. The other reason would be that because of the way roses are structured, in layers of petals, they are also easy to be made in order to be turned into edible elements for the wedding cake decoration.

In this way, the task of a baker becomes tougher, since there are a lot of preferences he has to cope with. And next to these requirements he is expected to put all his creative talent to get simple or elegant or exquisitely detailed decorations for the wedding cake.

Tutorials on the websites show what are the easiest ways to make roses out of frosting. For a certain number of frosting roses one will need 1 batch of frosting, a pastry bag fitted with a coupler, a rose nail, a large rose tip and small squares of wax paper. And the process is quite simple to follow. For the brides that are into the do-it-yourself kind of thing, these tutorials prove to be quite helpful, laying in a beginner hands an art measured to that of a professional baker.11

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