Fresh Wedding Floral Arrangements

Wedding Decorations | May 25 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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This article can be interesting for all brides of today who are thinking of spending the wedding day outside the doors, in a more relaxing and cozy location. There are so many beautiful wedding venues that you can find in the middle of the nature to plan the ceremony and the reception!


You don’t have to be afraid to go for a wilder or a more eccentric type of wedding because these are the trends after all! Here are a few examples of wild wedding locations that are nowadays popular for modern weddings: vineyards, forests, backyards, open fields, parks, mountain tops, gardens, country-sides, farms, woods or even deserts. As you can see, any wild and exotic or unusual place is perfect for a contemporary fashionable nature inspired wedding!

We invite you all to browse for more posts on fresh wedding floral arrangements on our website in order to see other pictures of different designs that you can choose or get inspired from for your own reception. We are pretty sure that you won’t leave our website “with empty hands” as they say. You can steal anything that you like: a certain accessory, decorative element, recipient or creative idea used for the design. Just make sure that the formality of the wedding you’re planning can fit the type of arrangements you’re thinking of creating for the décor. In terms of wedding flowers, “fresh” can refer to the vibrancy of the colors, to the natural aspect of the flowers and also to the loose and simplistic design of the bouquets.

Fresh means organic, seasonal, colorful, vibrant, dynamic, bold, eye-catchy, refined, soft, realistic, creative, vivacious, cheerful, energizing and fun. The natural themes are in big trend today especially among the younger couples who want something more jovial, festive, playful and funky! There is no need to plan that same rigorous, formal and standard wedding that everyone is planning, at least not now when you have so many colorful and exotic themes to choose from.

The purple, pink, brown and green palettes are the most popular ones when it comes to outdoors weddings and fresh wedding floral arrangements, followed by the orange and yellow palettes. We recommend you the following types of seasonal fresh-cut flowers that you can incorporate in your wedding décor: sweet peas, Billy Balls, chamomiles, gerbera daises, sunflowers, anemones, marigolds, narcissuses, irises, lilacs, pansies, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, delphiniums, amaryllises, tuberoses, ranunculuses, carnations, freesias, garden roses, orchids, peonies and tulips.11

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