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DIY Wedding Invitations | March 28 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Whenever you are set to create your wedding invitations, be they the DIY style or the ones you have selected online or in one of your local stationeries, they definitely have to include several data, information that is related to your wedding celebration. When your guests will receive your message of “We are in love and decided to tie the knot”, they have to be updated with every piece of detail that defines your event as a special day spent in a special location.
This means, as you have probably guessed, that you have to include beside your message of love and getting married, the special wording (either the traditional and formal one or the casual and less formal style) next to the date, hour and location. Of course, that you can not leave aside your names (in case the wedding cards are supposed to be made on your behalf), but apart from all these, your invitees need to know WHERE to arrive.

In this respect, you have to think of a way to satisfy this part of a wedding invitation conceiving, and which one to be the best if not to think of drawing a map with the driving instructions. Regardless of the fact that all your invitees might reside in the same city with you and your wedding venue, the presence of a directions map is more than mandatory.

This map will show your guests that you consider their presence important, and as such you appreciate their desire to participate to the event that happens, fortunately, once in a person’s life. One of my friends, for instance, as her fiancé was quite good at drawing maps had come with the idea to make on their own this version of a map for the wedding venue directions. As he had finished drawing it with colors and all, they have it duplicated by the aid of a photo copy machine and thus the wedding card managed to be complete in a useful format.

But this is a happy case; you might not be that good at drawing the map and in this case you have to manage yourself in another manner. This is why there are these maps available on the Internet sites. You can find and implement free maps for wedding invitations browsing online for the exact location, copy and paste the piece of map that accurately describes directions, both for drivers and passers-by, and after that have it printed on your computer printing machine.

The facility that Internet search engines opens together with our daily quests, soothing our thirst for information and knowledge, is the only mean of finding free maps for wedding invitations. Thus it saves your day and allows you to have the format of your wedding card in a complete presentation; in this way your guests will be more than pleased to see how much you consider their attendance to the day that is meant to celebrate your life-time commitment.11

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