Formal Green Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | February 11 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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We know that there are many couples out there who want to plan a beautiful wedding that can combine the classic and the modern style in obtaining both a fashionable and high class wedding reception. And for this article we’ve decided to present you these gorgeous formal green wedding flower centerpieces that can correspond or respond to these preferences that you may have.


The majority of the weddings today are planned with a more vivacious theme, in a more cheerful way, and we are so very happy to see that more and more couples are willing to adopt a more vibrant and dynamic color scheme or theme for their wedding. And we can’t affirm that thee highly colored weddings today are less elegant or less formal and dramatic as the traditional white weddings are. The contrary, we believe that modern weddings today still have something of that timeless elegance and refinement specific to the classic style, only in a more fashionable and bold way.

The colors that are nowadays incorporated in weddings are definitely more eye-catchy, strident and daring, but this doesn’t mean that the elegance of the reception is sacrificed. This is exactly what we’re trying to do in this article, through these pictures, and that is to convince you that a modern wedding planned with a bolder color scheme can still look classy, dainty, formal and dramatic. We picked the green color for this article because we’ve noticed that this color is easily embraced by many modern couples today who are planning a wedding outdoors in the middle of the nature.

We are glad to see that more and more brides and grooms are thinking of spending the day in a more relaxing, cozy and natural location, and we say this because we believe that outdoors weddings are the most inviting, fresh, warm and flattering events that one can plan or attend – depending on the case.

We are happy to be able to present you such beautiful and inspiring formal green wedding flower centerpieces that can look both fashionably modern and dramatically classy hopefully you will be able to observe the fact that these flower arrangements can fit both the classic and the contemporary type of wedding. If you want to obtain a more dramatic or refined atmosphere, you can combine the vivid green color with shades of black, white or cream and brown. Browse for more articles that we have on various green wedding bouquets and centerpieces on our website.11

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