Form-fitted Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | September 22 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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Although the vast majority of the brides today are interested in wearing a fluffy sophisticated ball gown wedding dress on the big day, there are many modern brides who still want to look a little bit more attractive, sexy and sensual. For these types of brides who want to wear something more tight on the body we found these wonderful styles that we posted below on this page. These splendid form-fitted wedding dresses that you can see in these images are designed and created by Romona Keveza.


The bridal collection in which you can find more of these fabulous seductive gowns is made for the year 2011, more precisely for the spring time. Romona Keveza is one of those wedding dress designers who are famous for their exquisite, refined and elevated designs. We warmly recommend these stunning creations to all brides who are planning a more feminine, casual and comfy look. Despite the fact that these dresses follow the silhouette of the bride in order to offer her a more sensual and flirty look, these designs are also very comfortable and a little bit more practical than the rest of the dresses that can be found in this newest collection.

That is why we honestly think that modern casual brides of today who are preparing for a less sophisticated and still chic wedding can surely find something interesting, appealing and suitable among these lovely couture creations. But if we look closely, we can observe that not only contemporary brides can wear one of these precious gowns on their wedding day, but the traditional brides from all over the world too. We can note a gorgeous clever combination made between the classy silhouette, conservative fabrics (such as lace) and modern techniques of working the material and creating fashionable cuts, designs, embroideries and embellishments.

One can choose one of these stunning form-fitted wedding dresses signed by Romona Keveza and wear it on a stylish fancy wedding planned for an indoor venue or for one outdoors, depending on the couple’s preferences. The most popular types of fabrics that can be seen in this couturier’s creations are lace, satin and silk. Nowadays the vast majority of fashion designers are interested in making all kinds of inspired fabric mixtures that can bring more texture and richness to the simple plain white wedding dress.

The exquisite cuts, the clean lines and the feminine silhouettes are definitely able to provide any type of bride with the necessary romantic look and cozy feel. If you can’t seem to find anything appropriate among these samples exposed on this page, we invite you to browse for more pictures and related articles on designer Romona Keveza’s bridal collections or wedding gowns.11


  1. nicole kiss

    December 11, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I particularly like the richness of these dresses. In this way they seem to cover all that the cuts and the lines let discovered. I like the way the fabric dresses up the body at the same time shaping the silhouettes of the brides. The embroideries are rich and yet elegant, while all the other accessories bring more chicness to the gowns. I also like the veils used by the designer. I am not into wearing veils at a wedding, as they seem so uncomfortable, however these ones seem so comfy and fluid that I just might change my mind about them. All in all, these are nice examples of a beautiful collection.

  2. becky

    December 23, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    I believe the last dress you posted is the most wonderful. I like the cuts, the line, the embroidery and especially the feather accessories. It is fluid, it seems that the model is floating and it is suitable for a winter themed wedding. It also makes me think of a swan. I love form fitted dresses and I’m more than unhappy that I don’t have the boldness to wear such a dress. But it is very inspiring. And these here are all exquisite and feminine. Elegant and delicate. But they are all the same modern and romantic and this is just another reason for which I like them.

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