Florida Beach Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 16 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

More and more summery brides are choosing a tropical location to spend their wedding day. From the most popular and desired destination wedding locations one can choose a Florida beach wedding. Any ocean or seaside beach wedding set is perfect for a romantic, casual, exotic and unforgettable wedding day.

Destination weddings and beach weddings are becoming the first top choice for modern couples who are looking to escape the formal, elaborated traditional wedding and try something more exciting, adventurous, exotic, and relaxed like a beach wedding set can provide. The natural beauty and the tropical surroundings of the Florida resorts are amazingly matching the idea of spending a memorable, delicate, charming and unique wedding day.

Any tropical island is gorgeous for a heavenly sunset beach wedding day. A casual beach backdrop these days can be extremely elegant, enchanting, stylish and fashionable. Brides love a beach wedding set because they can wear whatever comfortable, attractive, short or colored wedding dress that can make them look as feminine, special, sexy, comfortable and gorgeous as they want to look.

There are many exciting, exotic and unique Florida beach wedding dress designs that a bride can choose from. Among the most suitable fabrics for a Florida beach wedding dress are those soft, light and draping materials like chiffon, duchesse satin, organza, illusion net, damask, crepe, cotton or batiste. Don’t go with a full-length trained, elaborated or too formal wedding dress styles that can make you look too voluminous and inappropriate for a Florida wedding set.

Layered, puffy, stuffed or intricate wedding dress designs aren’t very indicated for exotic wedding destinations. Tea length, knee-length or short flowered Florida beach wedding dress styles are extremely popular and appreciated among modern brides who are looking for a more casual, simple, exotic and attractive appearance. Sleeveless, strapless or halter plunging neckline wedding dresses are also suitable for a Florida beach wedding.

Any flowing, floaty, draping and breezy style is able to match the tropical, adventurous and unusual casual surrounding. Use wild or tropical flowers to adorn your wedding dress and your hairstyle, for a more natural, delicate, rich and feminine look. A Florida beach wedding dress outfit is not such a good occasion to wear a veil but for those of you who desire to wear one can always choose a light, laced or flowered matching fabric.

Make sure that you bring a shawl or a pair of dainty sleeves to protect you from a breezy and windy weather. Florida beach wedding dresses are usually pretty affordable compared to any formal, traditional, full-length and layered dress because their designs are simpler and easier to create. Use matching accessories such as jewels, crystals, pearls, beadings or rhinestones to adorn your bridal look and to create a more glamorous, shiny, elegant and rich appearance.11

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  1. Mirela

    December 31, 2010 at 4:07 am

    Both dresses are nice, but I like the second one best. It’s so wavy, so foamy, if I can say. It really makes me think of the waves spalshing on shore. It looks so soft, fluid and comfortable. It is also elegant and fit for any body shape. Any bride would look slim and elegant in such a beautiful dress. It makes me think of a goddess coming from the deeper seas. It looks so romantic, so sensual and refined. Although very simple, which I like even more. And the sleeves that covers the shoulder are also very nice. I think you are right. A shawl or something similar it would be the only accessory that you need for this kind of dress.

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