Fingernail Fungus Treatment

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What is nail fungus? It’s an illness of the fingernails and toenails also called Onychomycosis. Unfortunately, this nail disorder can be noticed only when the condition of the nail is getting worse. That means discoloration of the nail. If this nail disorder isn’t treated, the nails turn black or yellow. Usually, this fungal nail infection is more frequent on the toenails than on the fingernails, but cases of fingernail fungus also occur. The last illness affects especially the persons who work in a damp environment and their hands are always wet. For example, 12% of all Americans have fungal nail infections.
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But what causes nail fungus? Some very small organisms called Dermatophytes are responsabile for this nail disorder. These organisms can be found in humide areas or damp places as, for example, shower rooms and swimming pools. How do these Dermatophytes work? They insert into tiny spaces between the nail and the nail bed and they destroy the keratin, the protein that protects the nail. Therefore, the nails and the skin around them remain unprotected and the fungus spreads rapidly. So the other nails will be damaged very soon. Other factors that can cause nail fungus are warm socks because they develop in a humid environment which is very favorable for the Dermatophytes to breed. Traumatized nails are a propitious space for the reproduction of these tiny organisms, too. This can be explained by the fact that trauma experienced by the nail cause a bigger distance from the formative layer of cells at the base of the nail, place where Dermatophytes can creep.


Who is more affected by the nail fungus? The persons who suffer from H.I.V. or diabetes are also likely to have toenail fungus and fingernail fungus. The explanation is very simple – their immune system is weakened and their organism doesn’t have enough strength to struggle with infections like fungus or Dermatophytes. Other individuals that can contact this nail disorder easier than others are those with poor circulation of the blood. The immune system of these people doesn’t work properly because the amount of blood in the affected areas, such as fingernails and toenails, isn’t enough. This blood penury leads to poor nail nutrition and, this way, fingernails and toenails can be more easily wounded. And if the nails are traumatized easier, the fungus appears faster.


How to cure fingernail fungus? The people interested in finding a treatment for fingernail fungus have to fallow some steps. Firstly, they have to keep the fingernails dry. If they take a shower, wash dishes or laundry, they have to wear rubber gloves in order to protect the fingernails from water. The humid areas are perfect environments where fungus “blossom”. Secondly, this rule applies especially for women: don’t use nail polish till you get well. In order to cure fingernail fungus, those affected by this disorder have to expose their fingernails to light. Tiny organisms like Dermatophytes or fungi breed in dark areas. In the third place, they can try home remedies, such as a fifty-fifty mixture of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Those suffering from fingernail fungus must soak their hands for 45 minutes in this solution, for several days. In the fourth place, they can use topical creams and Oral Medications from the local pharmacy. For example, “Naftin” and “The Toenail and Nail Fungus Treatment” are very respectable brands of topical creams. While, “Leucatin” and “Lamisil” are drugs that can be taken orally and cure fingernails fungus. The extreme treatment for fingernail fungus consists in removing the nails. This method applies as a last resort.11