Father Daughter Wedding Songs Celtic

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The father-daughter dance is one of the wedding traditions that you should definitely follow because it usually ends up being an emotional and fun event for both the guests and the father and daughter that want to celebrate their special relationship through a special dance. The even better news is that you can also use this dance for honoring your origins. You will just have to choose a song inspired by your origins that’s also comfortable to dance on. So, if you want to use the father-daughter dance in order to bring in the highlight the Celtic roots of your father, you should consider using as song a Celtic creation or a song with lyrics that talk about the legacy fathers and daughters share.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Celtic

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Celtic (Photo by: Ashley Rehnblom)

So, if you have decided to enrich your wedding with a few Celtic songs and even a father-daughter dance based on a Celtic song, you should consider finding the perfect songs among the options made available on the market by the various Celtic wedding albums released. Such an album is “Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance”. The main artist responsible for this album is Roanan Hardiman who has decided to include on the album mentioned a few dance songs as well as some folk and New Age creations. That means you will definitely find a Celtic song that works for the father-daughter dance.


If you are not impressed by the options available on the above mentioned album, you should also consider “Celtic Weddings”. This second album is a collection of Celtic songs that will definitely impress you. For instance, for the father-daughter dance, you should consider the “Celtic Wedding Waltz” included. There also plenty of others Celtic songs that you should feel free to use for the wedding ceremony. Some examples are “Celtic Canon in D”, “The Celtic Flute Unity Candle Song” and “Celtic Wedding Hornpipe”.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Celtic

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Celtic (Photo by: Adam Red)

If you are passionate about Celtic songs played on the fiddle, you should consider the album entitled “Old Time Wedding Reels and other Favorite Scottish Fiddle Tunes” signed by Joseph Cormier and Friends. This album includes a variety of songs that are usable for the father-daughter dance as well as for the dinner hour or other special events of your wedding. The same variety is offered by the “Celtic Wedding Music Volume 1” made available on the market by Rob Barrick and Elizabeth Nicholson. Most of these songs are designed to be used for the wedding ceremony but there are definitely a few options that are also usable for a special dance like that between a father and his daughter. There’s also available a “Celtic Wedding Music Volume 2” signed by artists Rose and the Thistle Band, so you will be able to extend your list of possibilities. You shouldn’t forget about “Celtic Wedding Music”, an album signed by Celtic Wedding Music that you will definitely have fun listening to, either.

The main idea is that no matter the type of song you are interested in using for the father-daughter wedding dance, you should take the time to listen to many possibilities in order to make sure you make the right decision.


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