Fashionable Wedding Bouquets

DIY Wedding Decorations | April 06 2019 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

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Going fashionable on the wedding is not something hard to obtain but something hard to choose because the ideas and the ways of getting there are various and all unique. Most brides think that planning the wedding dress is the most difficult thing that they have to go through for obtaining the look of their dreams. We come and add that choosing the right types of flowers and the right types of accessories for dressing up the wedding bouquet is just as hard as selecting the ideal wedding dress from a myriad of perfect wedding dresses!


There are so many types of lovely and inspiring flowers that you can use for creating a fashionable wedding bouquet and so many jewelries or decorative items that you can incorporate in the arrangement in order to make it more attractive and fanciful, that even the most determined bride can stumble on making the final decision. We are here to give you a hand with the whole planning process and offer you more inspiring pictures of fashionable wedding bouquets and flower arrangements that can be more or less useful.

If for some brides these images might be even more confusing and overwhelming, for other brides they might represent the exact source of inspiration they needed for planning their own flower arrangements. When we say “fashionable” we want to say glamorous, voguish, vanguardist, original, artistic, eye-catchy, luxurious, funky, chic, extravagant, exquisite, refined, hot, trendy, creative, inspiring, eccentric, whimsy and unconventional.

Perhaps for some conservative bride playing noncomformist might not be the easiest thing that they have to do. Nevertheless, we think that all brides – both the traditional and the modern ones – should learn everyday the lessons of fashion and style if they want to keep the pace with the ultimate tendencies in weddings. Going cosmopolitan and fashion-forward on the day might be harder for the brides who have already in their minds the vision of the perfect wedding for them.

This is one of the many mistakes that many brides of today do when starting the ample process of planning the wedding. We don’t want to say that it’s wrong to design in your head the image of the wedding you want, but that it’s bad to have preconceived notions about what is wrong and right in weddings. A preconceived mind can not go over the boundaries and adopt a whole new perspective more or less unconventional and funky. We encourage all brides to keep their options free when it comes to wedding flowers and bouquets in order to perhaps embrace a more vanguardist style. You should not be afraid to use sparkling accessories like crystals, beads and pearls, gemstones, swags, brooches, origami flowers, monograms or rhinestones in composing a much more fashionable wedding bouquet!11